Brand Guidelines

It is our goal to ensure the Monroe School District brand accurately and consistently represents who we are: a professional and collaborative organization of educators and support staff whose mission is to provide equitable educational opportunities for all students to fully prepare them for college, careers and life.

We value our community's active participation in the educational process and recently worked together to redefine the vision of our school district. This effort resulted in our new vision: The Monroe Commitment. The visioning process also helped us to redesign our district logo and brand elements to more accurately represent who we are and where we're headed.

In an effort to keep our brand identity consistent and recognizable, we have developed brand guidelines to ensure our brand's elements are used effectively and always look professional. We welcome and encourage our staff to use our brand elements and are ask that other entities please obtain permission from us before using our logo. For original files (EPS, JPEG, PNG, TIFF) or to obtain permission to use the district logo, please contact the Communications Department.

Standard Logo Layouts

Three versions of the Monroe School District logo have been created. The "Horizontal" version is the preferred layout. The alternate versions can be sued in circumstances where the 'Horizontal" logo layout is compromised.

The logo should always appear on a white background whenever possible. Busy background patterns should be avoided.

Horizontal Layout (Preferred Layout)

Stacked Layout (Alternate Layout)

Monroe School District Logo (stacked)

Inline Layout (Alternate Layout)

Primary Colors

The logo is to be used in the specified (3) primary colors only. No other color, or arrangements, shall be substituted. The logo should always appear on a white background whenever possible.


The graysclae logo is to be used in application where the usage of color is prohibited and grayscale artwork is required.

Monroe School District logo - grayscale

Black & White Reversed

The reversed white logo is to be used in applications where the logo must appear on a dark color background. Color usage is prohibited with reversed logo usage.

Logo Usage & Restrictions

Clearance Space

Proper clearance space around the logo is important to retain clarity. Clearance space is determined by the proportional height on the "MONROE" text as indicated below.

Minimum Size

The minimum size protects the legibility of the logo. The logo should not be smaller than 1".

Unacceptable Layouts

The logo layout cannot be altered from the defined standards. Consistent layout is needed to maintain a cohesive and communicative brand.

Unacceptable logo layout

Unacceptable Sizing

The logo must be scaled proportionally when resized. Any stretching or skewing of the logo is prohibited.


The font "Neutra Text Demi" has been selected as the primary typography of the Monroe School District.

The font family "Myriad" has been selected as the primary support font for district collateral. Font can be use for letter writing, email correspondance, headlines and paragraph body text.

The fonts "Verdana" and "Arial" have been selected as appropriate substitutes. Substitution is acceptable when Myriad is not avialable on the computer's operating system.