Election Guidelines for Staff

As district employees, it is important to remember what we may and may not do to support or oppose any ballot measure or candidate. The specific rules we must follow come from the Public Disclosure Commission (PDC).

In our roles as district employees, we MAY:

  • Engage in campaign activities during our own time, during non-work hours, and without using public resources.
  • Respond to questions regarding a ballot measure if such activity is part of our normal and regular duties, including correcting inaccurate information.
  • Communicate factual information i.e. the cost and scope of the levy.
  • Wear campaign buttons or similar items while on the job.
  • Place window signs or bumper stickers on our cars, even if those cars are parked on district property during working hours.
  • Make available, during non-work hours, campaign materials to employees in lunchrooms and break rooms which are used only by staff or other authorized individuals.
  • Inform staff during non-work hours of opportunities to participate in campaign activities.
  • Produce and share information that is an objective and fair presentation of the facts using district resources (specific to district ballot measures only).
  • Remind and encourage staff and members of the public to vote, as long as such encouragement routinely occurs for other elections.
  • Use district facilities to register people to vote.

In our roles as district employees, we MAY NOT:

  • Use work hours or district resources to promote or oppose a candidate or ballot measure including the creation or distribution of campaign materials.
  • Use district computers, internal mail, email system, telephones, and other information technology to communicate campaign-related information, including endorsements, or to aid in the campaign for or against a candidate or ballot measure.
  • Distribute or post promotional materials or messages in classrooms or other public areas.
  • Place signs advocating for or against candidates or ballot measures on district property in any area accessible to the general public or in classrooms.
  • Pressure or coerce other employees to participate in campaign activities or to vote.

This is not an all-inclusive list. If you have any questions about whether an election-related activity not addressed above is allowable, please contact the Communications Department: communications@monroe.wednet.edu for further clarification. It is important to remember that you can be held legally and individually responsible for infractions of the PDC regulations and those infractions can result in fines.