Social Media

Monroe School District utilizes social media as a means of enhancing existing communication strategies and celebrating student, staff, and school achievements. It also allows us to facilitate transparency, engagement, and collaboration with our students, staff, families, and community members.

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You can connect with our districts and schools on these official social media accounts:

Entity/School   Facebook   Instagram  
Monroe School District  Central Kitsap School DistrictFacebook page   Instagram icon 
Chain Lake Elementary   Barker Creek on Facebook  
Frank Wagner Elementary Facebook page for Brownsville Elementary  
Fryelands Elementary Facebook page for Central Kitsap High School  
Hidden River Middle School Facebook page for Central Kitsap Middle School CK Middle School on Instagram
Leaders High School Facebook page for Central Kitsap Middle School  
Maltby Elementary Facebook page for Clear Creek Elementary  
Monroe High School Athletics  Facebook page for Cottonwood Elementary CK Middle School on Instagram
Monroe High School Facebook page for Cougar Valley Elementary CK Middle School on Instagram
Park Place Middle School   Facebook page for Emerald Heights  Emerald Heights on Instagram  
Salem Woods Elementary Facebook page for Esquire Hills     
Sky Valley Education Center Facebook page for Fairview Middle  

Social Media Comment Policy

It is the policy of the Monroe School District to promote mutual respect, civility and orderly conduct among district employees, parents, students and the public. District staff will treat students, parents and other members of the public with respect and expects the same in return. We welcome your thoughts, questions, and comments and look forward to interacting with our community as partners in education.

Postings and comments must not violate district policies or internet safety guidelines, and we will not permit comments on our social media accounts that:

  1. Contain content that promotes, fosters, or perpetuates discrimination on the basis of race, creed, color, age, religion, gender, marital status, status with regard to public assistance, national origin, physical or mental disability, or sexual orientation
  2. Have obscene language or sexual content
  3. Suggest or encourage illegal activity
  4. Threatens or defames any person or organization
  5. Promotes commercial services or products
  6. Violate copyright and fair use laws. 
  7. Contain political campaign messages, including support or opposition of ballot measures or political candidates
  8. Are repeatedly posted comments or are not topically related to the post.

Our intention is not to deprive any person of his or her right to freedom of expression, but to maintain a safe, harassment-free environment for our students, staff, and community members. Therefore, we reserve the right to remove comments that do not follow the above guidelines. We also reserve the right to ban users who repeatedly violate these guidelines.

All comments related to district business will be considered public record, subject to disclosure upon request, including those that are removed. All activity on these pages will be archived so that it can be available for any public disclosure or other legal request. Please note that social media is not the forum to make formal complaints against the district (see Board Policy 4220: Complaints Concerning Staff or Programs). For official correspondence, please call 360-799-5419 or submit a tip via Safe Schools.

We strive to communicate about urgent issues and respond to inquiries from our community in a timely manner, but please note that our social media accounts are not monitored 24/7. If you have an emergency or are in crisis, please call 911. Please contact principals, teachers, staff members and the School Board directly as we are not equipped to forward messages to individuals through social media.

Monroe School District supports efforts to involve students in optional activities that have social, recreational, or educational value and may occasionally share posts promoting such activities from third parties on our social media channels. It is our policy to only share information about programs/services from non-profit organizations that pertain to children and/or education. Information shared is at the discretion of the school district. Posts shared promoting non-district sponsored activities will be indicated as such.

MSD Board Policy references:

  • Policy 2022: Electronic Resources & Internet Safety
  • Policy 2023: Digital Citizenship & Media Literacy
  • Policy 2025: Copyright Compliance
  • Policy 3207: Prohibition of Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying
  • Policy 3210: Nondiscrimination 
  • Policy 4040: Public Access to District Records
  • Policy 4301: Civility
  • Policy 4400: Election Activities