Digital Learning

Our goal is to assist students in developing the research, information fluency, and technology skills that will allow them to be successful in this digital world, as well as the digital knowledge and skills necessary to live safely and ethically.

We believe in using technology to:

  • enhance the learning experience;
  • collaborate on school projects inside and outside of the school day;
  • communicate with teachers; 
  • provide for productivity tools to create, store and organize work; and
  • augment learning in the classroom.

We provide computer access privileges, so that students may utilize the Internet, email, digital communication & collaboration tools, online learning spaces and electronic educational resources. These resources, tools, and equipment are essential to teaching and learning. 

Safe access and full utilization of these tools hinges on the cooperation of students with the support of parent(s)/ guardian(s). As a result, we provide parent notification and require parents to give permission for students under the age of 18 to have full access to all of our digital and online resources.

Online Digital Resources Permission Form (English)

Online content is used to enhance the student’s educational experience and develop safe, lifelong, technology skills. All online content that is used in classrooms must go through our approval process and only be used with teacher supervision. You may view the list of vetted websites here.

The stipulations for responsible use of these tools and digital citizenship are outlined in School Board Policy and Procedure 4780.