Chromebook Check-out Guidelines

Students who check out a Chromebook are expected to use district technology responsibly and must understand the appropriate and responsible use of the technology and district network resources. The district also expects that students will keep their devices safe, secure, and in good working order. It is expected that the Chromebook will be returned to the district/school, in the same condition it was received, reasonable wear and tear accepted. Failure to do so may result in a fine or fee.

By accepting the possession of a District Chromebook, the parents/guardians and student acknowledge and agree to the following conditions:

  • Students are expected to abide by the Responsible Use Agreement (Board Procedure 2022P) at all times.

  • District devices have internet filtering on them that will be monitored by the district. Internet filtering is effective, however, no filtering is 100% effective. Therefore, parents should still monitor their child's internet activity while they use these devices at home.

  • Students are responsible for all content on their device. Any inappropriate content, in any form (pictures, text, animation, video, sound, etc) will be grounds for disciplinary action.

  • The loan of this Chromebook is intended to support student(s) access to educational resources provided by MSD during the extended school closure. When the school closure is lifted, or the student(s) are no longer enrolled in MSD schools, or the district makes the request, this Chromebook must be returned to the district in similar functional and cosmetic condition as it was when it was checked out.

  • Students will notify their classroom teacher immediately if the mobile device needs repair, is lost, or stolen.

  • Some common-sense actions the user must take to protect the device, software, and confidential data that may be on the mobile device include, but are not limited to the following:

    • Do not leave unattended in a car, an unlocked home, or in a public place.

    • Keep information password-protected; log off when you are away from your computer.

    • Protect from liquids or dampness. Do not eat or drink while using the device.

    • Protect from extreme temperatures (i.e. do not leave in trunk of car for long periods of time).

    • Take great care when transporting, or walking with the mobile device

    • Do not load or add software, apps, or extensions without teacher or administrator permission.