Asbestos Safety

The district developed an Asbestos Management Plan for each school, as required by the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act. The act requires schools to be inspected to identify any asbestos-containing building materials; any such suspected materials must be located, samples taken (or assumed) and rated according to condition and potential hazard.

Every three years the district conducts a re-inspection to determine whether the condition of the known or assumed asbestos-containing materials (ACM) has changed and to make recommendations on managing or removing the materials. A periodic surveillance is also made every six months. Monroe School District's most recent inspection was completed in 2022 with the periodic surveillance happening every summer and winter.

It is the intention of the district to comply with all federal and state regulations controlling asbestos and to take whatever steps are necessary to ensure students and staff a safe and healthy environment in which to learn and work.

A copy of an Asbestos Management Plan is located in each school's main office and at the district’s Facilities office 639 ½ W Main Street, Monroe, WA 98272. All inquiries regarding the plan and/or asbestos-related issues should be directed to the Director of Facilities, (360)804-2679.