Learning & Teaching

The Monroe School District's Learning and Teaching Department support schools by providing effective, research-based classroom instructional materials, professional development for staff and the coordination of state and district assessment/testing. Our goal is focused on upholding the Monroe School District’s commitments to Powerful InstructionEquitable Access, and High Expectations for all students we serve.

Our team of professionals provide the following services:

  • Oversight for the selection, implementation, and ongoing support of instructional materials aligned with Washington State Learning Standards
  • Coordination of state and district level assessments in order to support teachers’ instructional decisions to improve overall student learning
  • Guidance for schools’ to align instructional practices with current research and best practices
  • Coordination with schools around professional development for staff
  • Ensure that all schools uphold local, state, and federal educational requirements specific to funding, including LAP, Title and local levy allocations

Meet Our Learning & Teaching Team

Cheri EricksonCheri Erickson, Office Manager

(360) 804.2550

  • District Test Coordinator
  • Staff Development/PDS
  • Instructional Materials Adoption Process (IMC)
  • Department Budget Management
  • Substitute/Meeting Calendar
  • Student Accommodations for STAR Testing
  • Textbook Tracking
  • TOSA Support


Jodie ColeJodie Cole, Special Programs Secretary

(360) 804.2551

  • ELL & Interpreter/Translation Services
  • Title 1/LAP
  • Highly Capable
  • McKinney Vento (Homeless)
  • Student Discipline
  • Science Kit Maintenance



Justin BlaskoDr. Justin Blasko, Assistant Superintendent of Learning & Teaching

(360) 804.2550

  • Staff Development & Instructional Leadership
  • Career & Technical Education (CTE) Director
  • Instrucitonal Materials Committee (IMC) Chair/Instructional Materials Oversight
  • I-Grants
  • Contract Schools Liaison
  • Student Transfers
  • Community Liaision


Angela BorzaAngela Borza, Teacher on Special Assignment (T.O.S.A.)

(360) 804.2613

  • Elementary instructional practices coach (modeling, problem solving, reflecting, co-teaching, facilitating professional learning sessions)
  • Focused on balanced literacy
  • Support with academic and behavioral interventions for students
  • New teacher support for Frank Wagner, Maltby and Sky Valley Education Center



Katy MageeKaty Magee, Mentor T.O.S.A.

(360) 804. 6775

  • Mentor for new teachers in the district (primarily secondary, and ELL support)
  • Support for second year teachers in the district (BEST grant)
  • ELL program support for secondary schools/PPM, HRMS, MHS
  • Support/Monitoring for Transitional ELL students @ MHS
  • Pro-Teach, teacher support



Sandra MonsonSandra Monson, Teacher on Special Assignment (T.O.S.A.)

(360) 804.2617

  • Elementary instructional practices coach (modeling, problem solving, reflecting, co-teaching, facilitating professional learning sessions)
  • Focused on balanced literacy
  • Support for teachers with students identified as highly capable
  • New teacher support at Chain Lake, Fryelands and Salem Woods



Romana PlesaRomana Plesa, Teacher on Special Assignment (T.O.S.A.)

(360) 804.2615

  • Supports teachers within the classroom environement (classroom managment, lesson/unit design, lesson implementation & behavior strategies)
  • Supports classroom teacher implementing sheltered instruction
  • ELL teacher support
  • New teacher support