Health and Sexual Health Education

HIV/AIDS Prevention Education

Washington state law requires annual HIV/AIDS prevention education beginning in grade 5, in accordance with the AIDS Omnibus Act. More information about the requirements can be found on the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction's (OSPI) page on Sexual Health Education.


In light of distance learning due to COVID-19, HIV/AIDS prevention education will look different than in years past. This year, we will offer videos for students to watch, followed by discussion with teachers. In addition, teachers will provide a secure and anonymous online location for students to submit questions.

Please follow the link below to read OSPI's guidance about remotely delivering HIV/AIDS education: 

Providing HIV/AIDS Prevention Education Remotely

Sexual Health Education

Per Washington State Law (WAC 392-410-140), "The decision as to whether or not a program about sexual health education is to be introduced into the common schools is a matter for determination at the district level by the local school board, the duly elected representatives of the people of the community." In the Monroe School District, our Board of Directors "has determined that such a program will be offered to students, consistent with state law." (Board Policy 2125)

Opt Out Procedure

If you wish to opt your student out of the HIV & AIDS lessons or the human growth and sexuality lessons, please follow the following steps: 

  1. Review the instructional materials in the Instructional Materials section below. Please know: Not all materials are available in a digital format. If the materials you wish to view are not available above, please contact the learning and teaching department at (360) 804-2550 to set up an appointment to view the materials.
  2. Email the completed opt out form to the Learning and Teaching Department at:

Presentations, Videos, & Instructional Materials