Online Resources

In order to ensure an equitable education for every student, we utilize a variety of online resources to address specific learning needs. In conjunction with powerful instruction, the following resources are currently used in our schools. While some resources have been implemented across nearly all of our schools, others are in pilot stages and used only in select sites. We will continue to refine our use of online resources to ensure we are using the correct tool to effectively address specific learning needs. 

We have integrated many of our online learning and teaching tools with Clever, a single sign-on service, so that our staff and students only need to log in once with their Google credentials to conveniently access many of our online learning and teaching resources. You can access the Clever platform by clicking on the logo below.

Click a resource below to login:

Clever Login for Families

Login to access: Holt, TCI, McGraw Hill, Fitness Gram, Flourish, EMC-Passport, iReady, Big Ideas Math

Pearson Digital Textbooks

Login to access: Algebra 1, 
Algebra 2, Geometry, Health

Canvas Login
Canvas Help for Families



Follett Destiny
Overdrive Login
Brittanica School
Username: monroe
Password: msd103