24/7 online tutoring for Monroe School District students!
Studying that fits your schedule

Monroe School District offers FREE on-demand, online tutoring through Tutor.com. Stuck on a problem? Want someone to review your paper? This service is easy to use and can be accessed on any device that connects to the Internet. Tutors are available to you 24/7—even at 2:00 a.m.!

When students connect to Tutor.com, they’ll be able to:

  • Work directly with a friendly, highly qualified expert tutor in an online classroom
  • Drop off an essay for review and receive detailed feedback
  • View replays and transcripts of their previous sessions
  • Save their favorite tutors

Tutors are available to assist students in dozens of subjects, including:

  • English Language Arts
  • Writing
  • Social Studies
  • Math, from Elementary through High School courses like Algebra and Calculus 
  • Science courses like Physics or Chemistry
  • Student Success Skills such as Time Management, Study Skills, and Note-Taking
  • And more!

For more information, here is a short video introduction to Tutor.com in English https://youtu.be/tVe1ZR8LTuU and in Spanish https://youtu.be/8dEZ9ylta2I.

How to Log In:
Students will access online tutoring through Canvas. Monroe School District is providing this additional support free to students and families. 

Login Instructions: English  |  Spanish

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