Public Records

All records maintained by Monroe School District are available for public inspection unless specifically exempted by law. 

Response to Requests

Within five business days of receiving a public records request, we will respond in one of the following ways:

  • Provide the records
  • Provide a reasonable estimate of the time necessary to respond to the request
  • Contact the requestor to clarify the request
  • Deny request and cite why it was denied

If the record requested contains information exempt from disclosure, the district will produce as much of the record as possible with the exempt portions redacted and include a written explanation of the redaction.

How to Submit a Public Records Request

It is recommended that public records requests be made through the District’s Online Public Records Request Portal

Public Records Request Portal

Public record requests may also be made in-person during the District's normal office hours, by submitting a public records request form, or in writing by letter, fax, or email addressed to the Public Records Officer and including the following information:

  • Name, address, telephone number, and email address of requestor;
  • Specific description of the public record requested that is adequate for the Public Records Officer or designee to locate the records; and
  • The date of the request


Sara Herber, Public Records Officer

Please indicate in the subject line: Public Records Request

U.S. Mail

Monroe School District
Attn: Public Records Officer
14692 - 179th Avenue SE
Monroe, WA 98272


(360) 804.2529