Safety & Security

We are committed to preparing and empowering our schools to respond to security risks, incidents and emergencies confidently and effectively. In partnership with local emergency services, we are constantly working to establish a culture of safety and security that provides for a safe learning environment for all students. To accomplish this, our Safety and Security team work with our staff to provide training and support in school safety and emergency/disaster preparedness.

Our areas of responsibility include:

  • Creation, revision, and facilitation of the Districts Emergency Operation Procedures
  • Disaster, emergency and crisis incident command
  • Chemical hygiene
  • Risk management
  • Fire/Life/Safety inspections & audits
  • Threat assessments & safety planning
  • Emergency communication
  • Security
  • Drills, exercises and Training Facilitation
  • Cultivating local partnerships with local and state agencies


Student Drill & Safety Video - Elementary
Student Drill & Safety Video - Secondary 

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