Challenge Coin Award

The Safety & Security Department will recognize members of the Monroe School District community for excellence in the advancement of safety and emergency preparedness for the staff and students of the Monroe School District family. This award is for efforts above and beyond established requirements as set by state law and district standards.

Stories about the origin of challenge coins vary. The tradition may date as far back as the Roman Empire. Whatever the case may be, law enforcement and military challenge coins have evolved into a contemporary practice to award exemplary behavior.

It is common practice for men and women who earn these coins through exemplary service to display them proudly to remind them the work they are doing is worthwhile. The coins also serve as a symbol of their courage and selfless service to the community.


The Monroe School District Challenge Coin award is a 1.75 inch coin picturing two stylized sheepdogs resting under a tree. A citation in the form of a certificate is issued with the coin and is presented to the recipient in partnership with the Monroe Public Schools Foundation and community partners.

The sheepdog symbol on the coin represents those individuals that recognize dangers in the world and are willing to defend those they love. Danger can take many forms and sheepdogs stand ready to protect the people they hold dear through education, selflessness, and commitment.

Recipients of the MSD Sheepdog Challenge Coin can display their coin proudly as a symbol of their service and commitment to fostering a culture of safety and preparedness.


This award is given by the Safety & Security Department and may be given based on any combination of the following:

  • Taking action to report a serious and legitimate life-safety concern effecting the Community of Monroe, especially within the Monroe School District
  • Taking extraordinary action during an emergency event, or acting to prevent one
  • Providing invaluable assistance to the Safety & Security Department in the furtherance of their mission
  • The above criteria must be in relation to a recent (within one calendar year) and credible situation 

By nature, the challenge coin is given out only for circumstances that warrant recognition for going above-and-beyond the expectations of our culture. Because of this, only a few coins may be awarded in a calendar year. If you know of a student or community member who you'd like to nominate for this award, please email the Safety and Security Department with information regarding the circumstances.