Coping Strategies

When difficult feelings and sensations arise, we may need tools to cope in a helpful and healthy way. Here are some resources for you to explore at home.  

On-Demand Second Step Lessons

In our district we use Second Step as our district-wide SEL curriculum for Elementary through Middle School grades. Second Step has a variety of helpful resources for families to access. 

Check out these on-demand lessons from Second Step!


Research shows that mindfulness strengthens the regions of the brain that help us regulate emotions and solve problems.

Mindful Breathing Video
Just Breathe (3 minutes): Kids talking about emotions feel in their body and how mindful breathing can help to move through uncomfortable emotions.

Mindfulness App
Mind Yeti: A resource from the Committee for Children designed to help kids reduce stress, improve focus, and build empathy through mindfulness. Mind Yeti makes it easy for kids and adults to tap into the power of mindfulness together. Used as a frequent, experiential practice, Mind Yeti sessions help build a strong foundation of awareness, care, and attention. This foundation can help strengthen students’ learning and application of Second Step skills (our district-wide SEL curriculum.) 

Information was sourced from the Second Step website. Learn more here.

Video Intro to Mind Yeti
Get your mind ready with Mind Yeti (2 minutes): This video describes the need for mindfulness: to settle the busy mind, focus attention and connect better to the world around