Suicide Prevention

Monroe School District Cares

The Signs of Suicide Prevention Program is a district-approved and evidence-based curriculum that is delivered to students in grades 6-12 each year. The program teaches students how to recognize warning signs of depression and suicide in themselves or friends, and then how to ACT (Acknowledge, Care, and Tell) to get help from a trusted adult. This program helps equip our students to break the silence of depression and suicide, and potentially save a life!

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Parent Portal

The Signs of Suicide Prevention Program has a Parent Portal available for families to better understand the program, and to be better equipped to serve as a Trusted Adult for their young loved ones.

To access the portal, follow these steps:

If you have questions or concerns, please contact your student’s counselor or the Behavioral Health Specialist.

2020-21 Dates of Delivery


Dates of Delivery

Program Notes

 Hidden River Middle School

 8th grade: Oct 19-22

 7th grade: Oct 26-29

 6th grade: Nov 2-5

 Presentations will be led by Erin Wood,
 Behavioral Health Specialist during your
 student’s ELA classes.

 Park Place Middle School

 8th grade: Nov 30 - Dec 4 

 7th grade: Dec 7 - Dec 10

 6th grade: Jan 11 - 14

 Presentations will be led by PPMS staff
 and supported by school counselors and
 members of the Behavioral Health Team.

 Monroe High School

 Friday, Nov 20

 Friday, Dec 4

 Friday, Dec 11

 Friday, Jan 8

 Presentations will be led by MHS staff and
 supported by school counselors and members
 of the Behavioral Health Team.

 Leaders in Learning High School

 Friday, Dec 11


 Monroe Virtual Learning Academy  

 Monday, Nov 30

 Wednesday, Dec 2

 Presentations will be led by school counselor
 Taryn Larson, and supported by your
 student’s teacher.