Programs & Services

Developmental Preschool

We offer preschool programs for children who qualify for early learning special education. Classes are located at Frank Wagner Elementary. Parents who are concerned about the development of their preschool age child should contact Student Services at (360) 804.2600 for more information.

Structured Learning Center (SLC)

Our Structured Learning Center (SLC) is an educational program for students who require life skills support or multiple disabilities support. Structured Learning Centers are offered at the elementary, middle and high school levels. Qualifying students may also participate in the general education programs for academic, social, adaptive and emotional skill development to the extent determined by their Individualized Education Program (IEP). These students participate in alternative curriculum developed to address their specific educational and functional needs.

Resource Services

Resource services are available for general education students who qualify for supplemental special education services in all of our schools. These services are provided in conjunction with or in addition to the core general education curriculum. They support students' access and advancement in the grade level general education curriculum by providing services specific to the students’ needs in the Least Restrict Environment (LRE).

Positive Behavior Support

Our Positive Behavior Support (PBS) program is designed to support students in their social, emotional regulation and behavioral regulation skills in order to enable them to be successful in their classes and in the school environment. Each student receives small group instruction in grade level curriculum along with focused positive behavioral skill building.

Community-Based Program (18-21 years)

The Community Based Program serves students ages 18-21 who require intensive support and instruction as they transition out of our schools and into the community. The program is located at the Sky Valley Education Center, although students spend a great deal of time in community settings practicing social and pre-vocational skills.

Related Services

We offer additional support for qualifying students who have delays in the following areas:

      • Speech & Language Pathology
      • Occupational Therapy
      • Physical Therapy
      • Vision Services

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