Continued bus driver shortage may impact bus routes

Due to COVID and Snohomish Health District guidelines, we are experiencing an increasingly severe shortage of school bus drivers. Your students' transportation could be affected in the near future. 

What parents/guardians need to do

Families need to closely monitor communication from the school district for potential notifications of bus route interruptions. It’s important for families to have a plan for what you will do if the bus route is canceled for that day or significantly delayed. Routes may also be adjusted on a temporary basis to meet the driver shortage. Route changes of any kind will be communicated to all affected families. We will continue to make every effort to service all existing routes by utilizing all CDL driver resources at our disposal. This includes Mechanics and all office staff which may result in delayed responses when calling the Transportation office.  

Thank you for your patience

We understand the disruption and uncertainty this situation causes. We are thankful for your patience and understanding.Monroe School District continues to experience bus driver shortages due to COVID and the Snohomish Health District guidelines. As a result, we may be unable to cover all our routes and/or some buses will be running late in both the . The Transportation Department will communicate with families of students whose routes will be affected each day. Depending on the type of notice you receive you may wish to drop off or pick up your child from school.

How To Set Up Transportation

Step 1. Transportation Requests

IMPORTANT: Transportation requests must be submitted for each school year. Expect up to four (4) business days to complete the request. Because of our diminished driver resources we are closely monitoring our routes and loads.  Do not show up to a bus stop until you have received bus routing information.
Only students who have completed the transportation request form and are eligible to ride a bus will be assigned a bus route and stop based on the student’s home address. 

Step 2. Find Your Bus Route (e-Link)

The e-Link service is helpful in determining your school of residence, bus stop location, pick-up and drop-off times as well as bus number. Information is in real-time, so your route information will be current.

e-Link Instructions

Our Mission

We are dedicated to safely, efficiently and effectively transporting our community’s students and positively impacting both the start and end of each bus rider’s day.
The Monroe School District provides transportation to and from school for K-12 grade students who live more than one mile walking distance from their home school. We utilize over 70 buses to transport student to and from school and extra-curricular/sporting events. Our goal is to provide both a safe and enjoyable school bus ride for all students. Our buses are equipped with GPS units and video systems. These systems aid in locating buses in emergency situations, help with routing efficiency and assist our drivers and schools in supporting positive student behavior on the bus. We encourage students to arrive at their bus stop 5 minutes prior to the scheduled pick-up time and ride the bus to AND from their regular bus stop.


Transportation News

Ready to Become a School Bus Driver Now?

The Monroe School District is looking for school bus drivers. All training to obtain a CDL is provided free of charge. Applicants must have 5 years of (personal/regular) licensed driving experience and have a clean driving record. Apply online here. If you have questions, please call 360-804-2659.

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