Bus Routes

Only students who have completed the Transportation Request Form and are eligible to ride a school bus will be assigned a bus route and stop based on the student’s home address. 

Find Your Bus Route (e-Link)

The e-Link service is helpful in determining your school of residence, bus stop location, pick-up and drop-off times as well as bus number. Information is in real-time, so your route information will be current.



e-Link Instructions

Step 1. Log in to Versatrans e-Link

E-Link Logibn

Your User Name: The 7-digit student ID of your child

Your Password: The 8-digit date of birth you have on file with the school for that student. First two digits for the month, next two digits for the day, and final four digits for the year of birth. (Example: 08052005)

Step 2. Change Your Password

E-Link change password

You will be prompted to change your password from the initial password, which is the student’s date of birth.

Enter your password from Step 1 (the student’s date of birth) in the “Old Password” field and then enter a new password into the “New Password” and “Confirm New Password” fields.

Step 3. View Students

E-Link menu example

Select ‘Students’ from the top menu bar, then click on ‘View My Students’ from the drop down options.

Step 4. Select a Student

E-Link student screen

To view and print your child’s bus information, click the student’s name. The following screen will allow you to export the information as a PDF, CSV, or RTF file.

You may also email a PDF copy of that student’s schedule to another person right from e-Link

Requesting Alternate Drop Off

Special permission to ride a bus may be granted if room is available. A parent or guardian must send a written note to the school office with their student. The note must include the date, bus stop, and reason for request. If riding home with another student, please include the name of the other student. The school office will issue a bus pass for your student to present to the bus driver. Drivers will not accept handwritten notes. To request long-term or permanent changes, please complete a Transportation Request Form.

The Bus Will Not Wait

Always be at your stop five minutes before your assigned bus stop time. Please remember that traffic, weather, and other unforeseen circumstances may cause some routes to be delayed.

Bus Route Delays

Published bus routes are followed as closely as possible. From time to time, an accident, road construction, or other unforeseen event can delay a bus. Drivers are trained to ensure your student's safety. Unpredictable delays are difficult to assess, so anytime a bus is 10 minutes late or more, a communication to families of students on the route will be sent. Concerned parents or guardians are always welcome to contact our transportation department at 360-804-2650, ext. 2 or ext. 3 with any questions.

Weather-Related Limited Transportation

When weather makes traveling unsafe in district neighborhoods, "limited" transportation will be announced on local radio and TV stations. This information will also be published at www.flashalert.net and on the district website at https://www.monroe.wednet.edu. Limited bus transportation remains in effect the entire day. Detailed information regarding your neighborhood can be found on the district website under "Transportation" as well as your local school.

"Limited Transportation" (Snow Routes) route information