Bus Routes

All students who are eligible to ride a bus will be assigned a bus route and stop based on the student’s home address.

Students will not be allowed to ride a different bus or get off the bus at a different stop than the one assigned without parental permission and pre-approval through the school office. A school provided bus pass needs to be given to the driver in order to board or change stops.

To request long-term or permanent changes, please complete the Transportation Request Form.

THE BUS WILL NOT WAIT. Remember to always be at your stop 5 minutes prior to your assigned bus stop time. Please remember that traffic, weather and other unforeseen circumstances may cause some routes to be delayed.

Skyward/Family Access Bus Route Information

  • Step 1 - In Skyward/Family Access on each student's profile is a Student Info tab on the left menu
  • Step 2 - In the Student Info tab will be a web link that says "View Bus Schedule." (It is located just below the student's address and just above the birthday info.) Click the web link.
  • Step 3 - The student's bus number will pop up. If you click "View Pickup Bus Stops" or "View Drop Off Bus Stops" the route numbers and times will open.