Bus Rules & Student Conduct

Bus drivers have an important job of transporting students safely to and from school. Students are expected to follow bus rules and driver directions. The bus driver is in full charge of the bus and riders at all times. Obey the driver's instructions when boarding, riding or leaving the bus. The driver has the authority to assign seats if needed to keep a safe environment. Failure to comply can result in a loss of riding privileges. If you have any questions about the rules below or actions on a bus, please call the Transportation Department at 360-804-2650.

Student Discipline

The district utilizes bus conduct reporting to document inappropriate or unsafe behavior and communicate with a parent or guardian. Infractions of a severe nature or repeated behavior can result in loss of riding privileges and require a conference with school administrators, parents, students and transportation officials. Often times a positive behavior plan is required to re-establish riding privileges. The district reserves the right to suspend transportation privileges for any student that demonstrates unsafe behavior

Bus Conduct Progressive Discipline

The Monroe School District uses a bus conduct progressive discipline model to provide students with a positive path of learning and improvement to meet the expectations for students riding the school bus. See the "BUS CONDUCT PROGRESSIVE DISCIPLINE" document to learn more about the process.

Audio Video & Cameras

Monroe School District uses audio video cameras on most of the district operated school buses for the purpose of reducing discipline problems, thus providing a safer environment for the transportation of students. Camera recordings may be used to identify and determine discipline level for unsafe or inappropriate behavior

Bus Rules

Below are some of the more frequent asked about rules. For a complete list of bus rules, see the "EXPECTATIONS FOR STUDENTS RIDING BUSES" document.

Items not allowed on the bus or with restrictions

Washington Administrative Code 392-145 prohibits the transport of heavy, sharp, bulky, or other items in the passenger area of any school bus that may be hazardous in the event of an accident or emergency stop. In order to comply with this state law and District policies, the following items are not allowed on a school bus:

  • Breakable containers (e.g. glass objects, aquariums)
  • Food, drink and gum consumption
  • Balloons
  • Animals including insects and spiders (with the exception of service animals)
  • Any object that cannot be safely controlled by the student in the seat, or upright on the floor between their knees. The bus driver has the authority to make the final decision.
  • Items not allowed at school
  • Illegal items

Musical Instruments, School Projects & Sports Equipment

Large instruments or school projects (e.g. rockets, dioramas, kites) that cannot be safely controlled in a students lap or on the floor between their legs. All sports equipment (e.g. balls, bats, skateboards, roller blades) must be safely secured. The driver may ask to secure items in a backpack, bag or box).