Dual Language Program Expands to Middle School

Dual Language Program Expands to Middle School

We are pleased to announce that we are expanding our Dual Language Program into middle school, beginning with sixth grade at Park Place Middle School in the 2024-25 school year!

Monroe School District's Dual Language Program provides students the opportunity to learn grade-level content in English and Spanish, supporting their language and literacy development in both languages. The program has historically served students in kindergarten through fifth grade at Frank Wagner Elementary. Most students enter the program in kindergarten and after spending six years in the program, leave fifth grade able to speak, read, and write in both English and Spanish.

With the desire to continue supporting students’ development of English and Spanish literacy and language skills beyond elementary school, we are expanding the program to sixth grade at Park Place Middle School starting next school year and will continue to expand the program to the next grade level each subsequent year. As we continue to expand the program over the next several years, our long-term goal is to also offer it at Monroe High School.

Middle school students in the Dual Language Program will take 30-40% of their daily courses in Spanish, including reading, writing/social studies, and other content areas as additional qualified Spanish-speaking teachers are hired. Other daily courses, such as electives, will be taken in English.

At Park Place Middle School, Dual Language courses will be offered to students who already have a solid foundation of Spanish fluency. This includes students who have successfully participated in the Dual Language Program at Frank Wagner Elementary, those already fluent in Spanish, and those who transfer from a dual language program in another school district. 

Students currently in the fifth grade Dual Language classes at Frank Wagner will be placed in Dual Language classes for sixth grade at Park Place Middle School, unless the family has indicated otherwise. Other interested students must participate in a short interview and language screener so that we can determine the students’ language skills and strengths prior to placing them in the Dual Language courses.

We are excited to offer our students the opportunity to continue developing their language proficiency and academic skills in both English and Spanish beyond elementary school. This program expansion reflects our commitment to providing robust learning pathways and programs that prepare students for success in a global society. We look forward to seeing our students thrive and flourish in the Dual Language Program at Park Place Middle School and beyond.

For more information about the Dual Language Program, please visit our Dual Language Program webpage.