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Grading and Attendance for Second Semester 2019-20

Grading and Attendance for Second Semester 2019-20

Monroe School District Continued Learning Grading System and Attendance for 2019-20 Second Semester

Due to the current health crisis and resulting school closure, second semester grades for the 2019-20 school year will look different from what we are used to. Rather than maintain the traditional grading method, an alternative grading system has been created to accommodate the learning challenges our students face during the pandemic in compliance with the OSPI mandate dated April 21, 2020. The Monroe School District arrived at this plan based upon teacher input, opinions expressed by parents, and administrative discussions. We believe it provides a structure with some flexibility. Our goal is to ensure that we provide students the best opportunity to engage in learning during this unprecedented, international health crisis.

The purpose of the grading system during the school closure is to:

  • Comply with OSPI mandate
  • Minimize the negative impact of the school closure on students' academic records
  • Monitor and assess students' academic engagement
  • Ensure students receive feedback and support on their academic engagement

Assignments and Learning Opportunities

Teachers will provide students with comments and feedback on their work for the purpose of helping students reflect on their progress toward learning and on what support they might need to meet standards.

All learning from April 13 forward is being provided to students via the continuous learning model through Zoom learning, learning menus, Canvas/Google Classroom, Skyward, and paper copies when needed. Students will be able to submit work and/or show their understanding via online classroom, email, zoom, or by phone.


Teachers will check attendance weekly to ensure that all students receive the support needed to engage academically during the school closure. Attendance will look different, it may be a phone call check-in, student log-in to an online learning program, email to a teacher, etc. Attendance information will help teachers strategically reach out to students who are not engaging with academic work.

Standards for Grading

To comply with new OSPI grading rules, Student Learning and Grading Guidance (April 21, 2020), Monroe School District is adopting the following required standards:

  1. Do no harm. Take no actions that make students' academic standing worse than their status was on March 13, prior to the school closure.

  2. Provide multiple opportunities for students to demonstrate learning (redos, alternative activities, etc.).

  3. Every student will be given the opportunity to improve the grade they had for each class or subject prior to the on-site school closure on March 13. As they submit work during continuous learning, they may receive an incomplete (I), Not Proficient (NP) or Below Standard (BE).
    • Incomplete (I) pertains to high school equivalent, credit bearing courses only
    • Below Standard (BE) pertains to middle school non-credit bearing courses
    • Not Proficient (NP) pertains to K-5 non-credit bearing courses

These indicators help with teacher feedback and will allow students the opportunity to make improvements to their work before a final grade is given. Teachers will continue to regularly evaluate and communicate student growth and progress to students, families and building administrators.

  1. Attendance, including participation in learning, cannot be used as a factor when grading students during the on-site school closure. This means that we encourage participation but recognize the difficulty this may impose on families. However, there are alternate ways to engage that teachers will provide as needed.

  2. All students will move to the next grade level or course level in the 2020-21 school year unless otherwise approved by the school district and parents/guardians. Students may still need to make up lost learning. If they received an I, BS, or NP as a final grade, it is understood that the student may not be ready for the next level without making up concepts missed.

  3. Any specialized grading scales or grading accommodations specified in students' IEPs or 504 Plans must continue to be followed.

Elementary (K-5) Grading

The elementary report card will include information from January 31st to March 13th and those subjects addressed in those six weeks will be graded just as we typically do (4 = above standard, 3 = at standard, 2 = approaching standard, 1 = not at standard). The time period of March 13 to June 19th during our on-site closure will be noted in the comment section of the report card and students will be assessed as Proficient (P) or Not Proficient (NP) in the areas of reading, writing, and math. There will be comments available for other subjects studied during this time, if applicable.

Middle School (6-8) Grading

Middle school students' final grades will be comprised of what they earned prior to the March 13th on-site school closure and their improvement efforts moving forward via continuous learning. Teachers will be assessing students' learning in non-credit bearing classes using the following grading system:

Above Standard (ABS) - Indicates the student has demonstrated a strong understanding of the standards that have been taught.

At Standard (AT) - Indicates the student has demonstrated an understanding of the standards that have been taught.

Below Standard (BE) - Indicates the student has demonstrated an understanding that is approaching the standard, but they don't have a complete understanding of the standards and concepts.

* Asterisk - Indicates the student hasn't provided the evidence needed to the teacher to assess the student's understanding of the standard. Students who received an asterisk will be given a plan that will indicate the standards and associated work that will need to be submitted so that the student may receive a "Below Standard," "At Standard" or "Above Standard" grade.

High School (8-12) Grading (including credit bearing classes taken in middle school)

Students' final grades will be based on the quality of work done during Term 4 (ending March 6) and meeting content area standards in the work after April 13 when we went to continuous learning. Students can receive grades of A, B, C, or Incomplete. We will not use + or - grades.

A - Student is meeting and exceeding content area standards on the work provided at a proficient level.

B - Student is meeting content area standards on the work provided at a proficient level.

C - Student is approaching, but not meeting all content area standards at a proficient level. Will need support moving forward.

I - Student is not making progress towards content area standards (completing work from the Two Week Unit Plans). School Administrator involvement is required before an incomplete can be assigned.

Students cannot earn a grade lower than the one they had at the end of Term 4 (March 6), but may earn a higher grade by meeting the standards (identified course by course) presented during the continuous learning period.

Grades transcripted for the spring 2020 semester (credit-bearing courses) during this time will get a COVID-19 designation on their transcript, capturing the unprecedented nature of this situation and the impact that it will have on students' future academic pursuits. This will be done at the state level.

Exceptions to the above guidelines

  1. There are some courses that were already P/F classes and they will continue to not use letter grades. TAs and Academic Support will now be graded as either Pass or Incomplete
  2. Some students have it written into their IEP or 504 that they can receive a P grade. If the teacher feels this is an appropriate grade, this is still an option.

  3. College in the High School Courses will still be graded on an A-D scale Instead of an F, the student would receive a V grade on their college transcript and an incomplete on the high school transcript. We are required to have our grade match the grade from the College. Students who are taking a College in the High School course will receive specific information from their teachers.

  4. Sno-Isle courses will follow the grading protocol for the Mukilteo School District. Please direct any questions to your instructor.

Resolving an Incomplete
In the rare cases of incompletes, teachers and school administrators will work with students and families to develop a plan to resolve the incomplete.


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