Leaders in Learning (LILHS) is a Monroe School District Alternative Learning Experience program. LILHS offers a strong academic curriculum focused on meeting individual needs. Students, parents, and the LILHS staff work together to develop an individualized learning plan including activities designed to prepare students for post-graduation opportunities. Students accepted into LILHS are motivated individuals willing to take an active role in their learning and are typically scheduled into 4-8 classroom-based classes and two contract-based classes, determined by the student's graduation pathway. Eligible students also have the option of pursuing out of school learning credit, Sno-Isle Tech, Running Start, etc., while enrolled at LILHS.

Enrollment in LILHS starts with a written application and required interview including the student, his/her parent(s)/ guardian(s), and staff. This interview explains the program to ensure it’s the right fit for the student and, if not, explores other alternative paths that may be appropriate. LILHS-accepted students then complete an enrollment packet.

Once enrolled, all students are assigned an Advisor who knows them personally and meets with them regularly to review class progress, provide instruction on time management, goal setting, decision making, emotional awareness, career planning, and building a growth mindset. Individual learning plans with student input encourage student ownership of learning and personal responsibility. Parents/guardians are highly encouraged to be part of their student’s education throughout the LILHS experience. Dual enrollment between LILHS and Monroe High School is an option.

Visit the Washington State Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction website to learn more about our student population.