Dear Prospective Student

Dear Prospective Student,

Hi! I'm Blake Baird, the principal at Leaders in Learning. I'm glad you're thinking carefully about your best pathway through high school and want to share a little bit with you about our school.

At Leaders in Learning High School, our goal is to inspire students to become lifelong, independent learners, transforming from passive learners of content to active doers and practitioners of the disciplines they study. We aim to empower students to take charge of their learning in order to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to achieve success beyond high school. 

We use a multi-faceted educational model that works best for students who are motivated and accountable for their own learning. The core values of Equity, Dedication, Caring, and Responsibility drive our program to enable students to develop problem solving skills, express themselves creatively, expand their knowledge base, and design projects...all the while challenging themselves with new ideas. 

Our high school program is in the beginning stages of adopting project-based learning as a vehicle for connecting real world learning to curriculum. At Leaders in Learning High School, students are at the center of this evolution, and their role as leaders of their own learning is key to their success and growth. 

Leaders in Learning High School enrolls families who are looking for a school with a spirit of community. We are looking for students with an appreciation for cultural diversity, a willingness to build relationships based on trust, and will enrich life within our school and community. I thank you in advance for taking the time to apply to Leaders in Learning High School and encourage you to explore real world learning with us!

Warm Regards,

Blake Baird