College Financial Aid

Financial Aid Application
Documented citizens access funds for college using this application

Financial Aid Application for Dreamers
A state law has expanded eligibility for the Washington State Need Grant to low-income, non-citizen students who meet the program’s eligibility requirements and satisfy the residency criteria below:
Have graduated from a Washington high school or obtained a GED® (or will do so before beginning college).
Have lived in Washington for three years prior to, and continuously since, earning the high school diploma or equivalent.
Sign an affidavit (written promise) to file an application to become a permanent resident of the United States when eligible to apply.

11/30/16--Most Valuable Student Scholarship Elks Club

11/30/16--Vocational Grant Scholarship/ Elks Club
For students who are planning to pursue an eligible Vocational/Technical School Course

11/8/16 Prudential Spirit of Community Award

Apply for a 2017 Prudential Community Award and you could win $1,000 and a trip to WA D.C. next May.

2/15/17 WACE Scholarship
Cooperative and work integrated education. High school GPA 3.5 and above; see list of WACE Partner Institutions

2/23/17 Monroe Schools Foundation Scholarship

Every senior planning to further their education should complete this application

2/28/17 Washington State Opportunity Scholarship

Pursuing 4 year degree in STEM field

2/4/16--City of Monroe Scholarhip for leadership in community

3/1/16--Scholarship for students at Cascadia Community Collge

3/1/17--Scholarship for Young Women interested in business

Scholarship for young women in leadership and volunteer positions

3/1/17-American Indian Endowed Scholarship

3/15/16 Microsoft scholarship for students w/ disabilities

Scholarship for high school seniors with disabilities who require financial assistance to attend a vocational or academic college program. Applicants must demonstrate a passion for technology and declare a major in engineering, computer science, law or business. Deadline is March 15.

3/3/17 Students of Color Scholarship

If you are a student with a GPA between 2.0 and 3.2 this if worth applying for! You must attend the conference with us on 3/24/16 to win. Please see JeNell details.

4/15/16 Scholarship for students testing Common Core

4/15/16--Students of Farmworkers
Students of farmworkers scholarship

4/6/17 Scholarships for Everett Community College

5/9/16 Monroe Lip Sync Scholarship Award

Scholarship for students who have an interest and experience in the performing arts and hope to continue pursuing this interest in college

Access to national scholarships

Career Cruising Financial Aid Selector

EVCC scholarships

Imagine America Scholarship (ongoing)
If you are considering a Career College or Technical school, this is worth your time. Please see JeNell or Colin if you have questions.

It's Always Something Writing Contest
Writing contest for teens who have had an experience with cancer through a personal diagnosis or the diagnosis of a family member or friend.

Other WA State Scholarships
Application due dates begin at the end of January. Scholarships are for students of low to middle income who qualify, and underrepresented populations, but each scholarship is unique and has its own criteria.

Prudential Spirit of Community Award

Scholarship for students at Lake Washington Technical College

Scholarships advertised by MoneyGeek

Scholarships for students at Everett Commuity College