Student Parking

Parking in student lots is a privilege and requires each vehicle to be registered with the school and to appropriately display the approved parking permit decal. Parking permits may be purchased through the ASB office for $50 ($25 if purchased during second semester).

Parking Permit Forms may be found here.

Parking Rules & Regulations

Parking violations include, but are not limited to: parking on campus without a valid parking permit, parking in any non-student space, parking outside of a marked space or in an area not designated for parking, driving with excessive speed (over 10 mph), driving erratically or not observing safe driving habits, not stopping at posted stop signs or crosswalks, endangering yourself or others, failing to stop when directed by staff to do so, or any action deemed a violation as determined by security or administration. Each and every parking violation will be assessed a $25 fine which is payable immediately through the ASB/financial office. Repeated violation of parking rules and regulations will result in loss of parking privileges, parking boot, and/or being towed from the school parking lot at the owner’s expense. By parking in the school parking lot, the student driver agrees to all conditions and limitations set forth.

Students displaying inappropriate bumper stickers, window decals, or other items deemed inappropriate for school or in violation of district or school policy must be removed from the vehicle. A search of a motor vehicle may be made based on reasonable suspicion when related to a possible school violation.

Adjacent city streets are considered an extension of the school parking lot and campus and are therefore subject to the search and seizure when related to a possible school violation as stated in this handbook and the District Student Rights & Responsibilities Handbook.

Monroe High School and Leaders in Learning High School assume no responsibility for motor vehicles stolen or damaged while on school property.

Students are not permitted to go to their car during the school day or be in the parking lot during the school day.

If an emergency situation arises, please see an administrator for help.