Introducing our New Board-Adopted Strategic Plan!

Introducing our New Board-Adopted Strategic Plan!

The Monroe School District Board of Directors unanimously voted to adopt the district’s new strategic plan, complete with a fresh mission, vision, and promise. This new plan will guide the district's actions over the next five years, aligning efforts and resources while establishing a framework for monitoring results.

The newly adopted plan is centered on five overarching goals:

  1. All students are ready for their future.
  2. All students are safe, known, valued, and supported.
  3. We recruit and retain an exceptional, caring workforce that reflects the diversity of the students we serve.
  4. Family and community members are connected to school and valued partners.
  5. We effectively utilize resources and demonstrate transparent fiscal responsibility.

These goals stem directly from input gathered through feedback sessions, focus groups, and surveys conducted during the first half of the 2023-24 school year, involving students, families, staff, and community members “I am confident this plan represents the diverse voices in our community and reflects our collective vision for the future of Monroe School District,” said Superintendent Shawn Woodward.

“As a board, we are proud of this plan and grateful for the input and hard work of so many who participated in the process,” said Jennifer Bumpus, school board president. “The new strategic plan not only acknowledges our district's current efforts but also establishes clear direction and accountability measures as we strive towards our collective vision of creating an inclusive environment where every student feels a sense of belonging, believes in their abilities, and is supported in achieving their future aspirations.”

Now that the plan is finalized and adopted, the focus shifts to action. Starting this spring and continuing annually, the board and district leaders will prioritize objectives within each goal area for focused attention, and identify measures to track progress. While there will be specific priority areas each year, progress will continue across all aspects outlined in the plan.

The district will provide regular updates to the board and community on progress toward the goals, including an annual scorecard with Key Performance Indicators tracking areas such as kindergarten readiness, state assessments, attendance, and graduation rates.

The adoption of the new strategic plan marks a significant milestone for the Monroe School District, signaling a collective commitment to supporting the academic success and well-being of all of our students. With clear goals, focused objectives, and transparent accountability measures in place, the district is poised for impactful progress. As the community continues to work together towards the shared vision outlined in the plan, every effort will be made to ensure that each student receives the support, resources, and opportunities they need to thrive and succeed. 

The ongoing dedication of the board, district leaders, staff, families, and community members will be instrumental in turning this vision into a reality, shaping a brighter future for all within the Monroe School District.