A Message from Acting Superintendent Whitworth

A Message from Acting Superintendent Whitworth

Dear Monroe School District Community–

One of my goals, while I am serving as the Acting Superintendent, is to communicate with our community on a weekly basis in an effort to strengthen our partnership in serving the students of Monroe. I believe regular, transparent, two-way communication is the foundation of all meaningful relationships and I am committed to building a strong partnership with you in order to improve outcomes for our students.

Given the timing of the unforeseen challenges in our district during the holiday season, I realized I have not yet introduced myself to you. I have been the Chief Academic Officer in the Monroe School District for the past three school years, overseeing the Learning and Teaching Department and our school principals. Prior to joining the Monroe team, I worked for Seattle Public Schools as a principal and an Executive Director of Schools. I have also been a math teacher in Seattle and in the Lake Washington School District. In 2013, I earned my Superintendent certification from Seattle University. My husband and I have two boys, one who is living in Chicago and the other who is still with us at home. I love traveling, going to museums, and watching movies. I am passionate about public education. Our country has such a diverse population and I believe it is a privilege to work in public education serving each and every student that crosses the threshold of our doors.

While I am more than willing to support the Monroe School District community by stepping in as the temporary Acting Superintendent, I love my job as the Chief Academic Officer and look forward to returning to that position after our school board determines the next steps for the Superintendent.

In addition to the email I shared earlier this week that detailed the social and emotional supports we have in place for our students and families, I wanted to share a few other Friday thoughts.


From bus drivers to substitutes to paraeducators to teachers, we have MANY open positions for a variety of skill & experience levels. Like the majority of school districts throughout our state, we are in dire need of filling these jobs as soon as possible so that we are best able to serve our students. You can check our current opening here and you are invited to our Job Fair on Saturday, January 8, 2022 from 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM at the District Administration Office, 14692 179th AVE SE Monroe. We would love for you to join our team!


A renewal of the expiring School Program & Operations levy will be on the February 8, 2022 ballot, set to arrive in local voters' mailboxes in just a few short weeks. I realize the timing of this levy measure is not ideal; however, the timely renewal of this levy is critical in order for us to continue funding many of the programs, services, and support staff that directly benefit our local students. This four-year levy was last approved by Monroe voters in 2018 and is set to expire in 2022. To avoid a gap in this critical funding, which makes up 15% of our district's budget, a renewal is needed now. We have created this short video, to help explain the importance of this levy:


Our district's executive leadership team attends meetings with the Snohomish Health District every other week to learn about case rates in our county, changes in guidance, and to ask questions. At this week's meeting, we learned that case rates in Snohomish County are at a record-breaking all-time high. While we have not yet seen a drastic increase in positive cases in our schools, we are already feeling the impacts of the rise in cases. Between Tuesday and Friday this week, we provided COVID testing to roughly 800 individuals at our district's testing site. A HUGE thank you to our students services and operations teams for making this possible for our school community this week, despite the snow! Unfortunately, due to the drastic increase in tests being administered, testing labs are taking longer than usual to return results. Thank you for your patience and please remember that students awaiting COVID test results may NOT return to school until a negative lab result has been received.

I look forward to continuing to build relationships with you and focusing on what is most important in our work together, our students.


Kim Whitworth
Acting Superintendent & Chief Academic Officer