Monroe High School is a community of lifelong learners in which staff, students, parents, and citizens cooperatively interact in a safe environment. This relationship provides meaningful, diversified opportunities to develop attitudes, knowledge, and skills necessary for successful living in a changing world. We value the past, recognize responsibility to the present, and have goals for the future.

Monroe High School was built in 1999 and remodeled in 2005 to include an additional classroom wing and sports stadium. The building is 209,432 square feet and sits on approximately 33 acres. There are 74 classrooms and eight portables with a capacity for 2,133 students. In addition, MHS has a synthetic athletic field with running track; a 2,000 seat covered grandstand and press booth; a 500 seat visitors' bleacher; an all-weather baseball field; a softball field; a practice field; and eight tennis courts.

Visit the Washington State Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction website to learn more about our student population.

Monroe High School - Our Foundation

Our Mission 

The reason we are here

Our Mission is High School PLUS for EVERY student that walks through our doors

Our Vision

The school we want to become

We will be a Safe, Inclusive, Purposeful school where ALL students feel Challenged, Supported, and that they Belong

Our Core Values

The Commitments we have made to realize our Mission and Vision

  • Purpose - We will create a purposeful learning experience for our students
  • Life-Long Learning - We will continually grow and improve our skills as educators
  • Unity - We will create an environment where diversity is celebrated
  • Support - We will support our students and each other in academic, social, and emotional ways

Our Goals 

How we will measure our progress

  • Increase our graduation rate
  • Increase our 9th grade on track to graduate rate
  • Increase our regular attendance rate
  • Increase the % of students passing all of their classes
  • Close the gap in each area for students receiving MLL and IEP supports