Message from Principal Wille about Racism

Message from Principal Wille about Racism

Dear Monroe High School Community,

It is with great sadness that I write to let you know about an incident that occurred today at Monroe High School involving racial slurs and aggression towards a Black/African American student. This incident occurred in the parking lot during lunch time and was witnessed by a handful of other students, was video recorded, and was possibly shared on social media. It also resulted in additional police presence on campus and we are partnering with law enforcement in their investigation of this incident.

Racism and acts of hate are unacceptable and will not be tolerated at Monroe High School from any student, staff member, family or community member. When incidents occur, the law prevents us from sharing specific details involving the discipline of students, but what we can do is share that school violations of Monroe School District's policies related to discrimination, harrassment, intimidation and bullying are taken very seriously and handled in alignment with student discipline policies and procedures.

Knowing the importance of building a school culture where all students feel welcome, safe and valued, we have two coalitions (Race and Equity Team and Bearcats Together Team) who have been working with our school community this year to lay the foundation for building such a school culture. However, it is apparent we need to excel our efforts in providing more learning opportunities, training, and communication related to cultural sensitivity and we are committed to doing so. To start, we will be holding an assembly for all students and staff on Friday, November 12 to address today's incident and continue the school-wide conversation about racial and cultural sensitivity. We know that one assembly will not solve the cultural issues we are experiencing in our school that culminated in this incident and we are committed to ongoing learning for our Monroe High School community.

The safety of every person at Monroe High School is our top priority. This includes physical, social, and emotional safety. We will strive to do everything in our power to make certain that each student we serve feels safe physically, socially, emotionally, and free from racial or any other forms of discrimination. To help us in this effort, we urge all students to report any incident of racism, hate speech, harassment, intimidation and bullying to any staff member or to our anonymous safety tip reporting system.

We commit to listening to, and partnering with, our students and communities of color in order to ensure emotional and safety support is provided in a timely, culturally responsive, and effective manner. We honor our partnership with our students, families, and community and strive to raise awareness around the steps we will continue to take to address and prevent racial discrimination and hate in our school.

Very sincerely,

Brett Wille
Monroe High School Principal