Our Commitment to Anti-Racism

Our Commitment to Anti-Racism

Throughout the past few weeks, as a nation and local community, we've seen again that racism, inequities, and systemic and institutional biases are still ever-present. As a staff, we are angry and hurt for our students and families who identify as Persons of Color. We also stand with our students who called out the behaviors and actions of their peers as wrong, insensitive and harmful.

The norms we keep at the forefront of our equity work, from Glenn Singleton's Courageous Conversations About Race protocol are:

  • Stay engaged: We commit to keeping our heart and mind in the work
  • Experience discomfort: We commit to bring issues into the open
  • Expect and accept non-closure: We commit to ongoing dialogue
  • Speak your truth: We commit to speaking our truth knowing it's only part of the truth

Whatever it takes, we are committed to continuing the work to grow our school and community's understanding of the lived experiences of our students. We are committed to understanding our biases and how those impact the lives of our students and our work. We are committed to being anti-racist.

Together, we will move forward. Together, we will stand in the gap with our traditionally marginalized groups. Together, we will be the voice and light our community needs.

Suggested Resources for Talking to Your Students About Racism