Athletic Eligibility & Registration

Student athletes are expected to adhere to school policies and the conditions of Monroe School District Athletic Code as well as the rules established by the coach. Students who have an unexcused absence for one or more periods on any given day are not eligible to participate in any activities for the remainder of that day.

All students involved in representing our schools or activities must purchase an ASB sticker.

Students must have a full-time schedule (at least 3 credits per semester) to be eligible for participation in athletics. Please contact the Athletic Director for questions about this.


1. To register, sign-in to your parent Family Access account, then click on the 'Online Forms' tab on the left. Once the online forms are completed, press 'submit.'

2. Read and understand the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Information Sheet and Concussion Information Sheet.

3. A current Physical Exam must be on file with the high school's Athletic Department for eligibility. Please print and return the Medical History Questionnaire (update annually) and Physical Exam form (good for 2 years and must cover the entire sports season) to the Monroe High School Athletic Office (17001 Tester Road, Monroe WA 98272) if you did not upload them during your online registration.


4. All fees and fines must be paid prior to participation, including an ASB sticker ($50). The $110 pay-to-play fee may be collected at the time athlete is cleared, or within two weeks of the start of the season. The pay-to-play fee is non-refundable except for the following conditions:

  • Student is unable to play due to illness or injury prior to first competition
  • Student is unable to play due to family moving prior to first competition
  • If you qualify for free or reduced lunch, you are eligible for a waiver. Waiver forms are available on the registration site, or in the Main Office.

Additional Information

  • If home-schooled or an SVEC student, please bring proof of previous semester grades and vaccination records.
  • If transferring from another district, please bring previous semester report card or transcript and vaccination records.
  • League information and game schedules can be found on the WESCO Athletics website.


Kathy Wallace
Athletic Secretary
(360) 804.4511

Mark Henderson
Athletic Director
(360) 804.4508