Dance is a year-long program at Monroe High School. 

In order to attend clinics and try-outs, you must be cleared by the MHS Athletic Department. The registration forms are location in Final Forms. Click on the registration link to the left for more information. 


Team Mission:

To create an inclusive and welcoming environment where dancers can develop their physical and emotional well-being, and feel empowered to be leaders on and off the dance floor. We are a no-cut sport and we welcome dancers of all levels to join!


Grit // courage and resolve; Strength of character  

Following through on commitments; In the face of uncertainty and hardship, we persevere. 

Ambition // strong desire for success 

Never settling; Always pushing to be better.  

power // move or travel with great speed or force

Strong and confident; Influence others in a positive way. 

Dance Styles:

We compete in pom - A pom routine is designed to emphasize the visual impact of the poms. The focus on poms is primarily in choreography. All other movement and choreography is secondary and should not distract from the visual impact of pom patterning. Typically includes jazz technique. 

For assemblies, half time, and other performances, we will typically do hip hop.