Bearcats Together Coalition

Our purpose as a team is to be connectors and serve our school... 

  • As agents of change to create a system of positive school culture
  • As models of consistency in implementing systems and change
  • As the foundation in which to support staff and students 

What do we do exactly?

  • We identify and act on what our school looks / feels / sounds like

Our team values:

  1. Valuing other humans
  2. We before me
  3. Belonging
  4. Inclusion
  5. Learning
  6. Independent thinking
  7. Growth 
  8. Trust 

Current Coalition Members

  • Noah Wallace - Assistant Principal
  • Jaime Johnson - Teacher
  • James Lane - Teacher
  • Stephen Loewen - Teacher
  • Kendra Waldron - Teacher

Current Action Items

School-wide "launch" assembly was held with all students, followed by collection of their feedback via survey and focus groups on school culture. Our team is currently gathering this student and staff input with a goal of coalescing around 4-5 essential school wide values. Once finalized our team will proactively teach, model, and acknowledge these values in order enhance a culture of 'Bearcats Together'.

Race & Equity Team

Our vision for Monroe High School:

  • Overall sense of welcome 
  • More opportunities for students to explore interests
  • Overcome barriers
  • Things that reflect all kinds of diversity displayed as a norm
  • There is a general knowledge about different types of people, and regular opportunities for formal and informal learning about people
  • Students feel equity. 
  • All voices are celebrated
  • It is expected to challenge your perceptions, welcome everybody, and address problems by learning everyone’s story
  • We appreciate differences, not simply tolerate them
  • Students feel that they have equal access and equal strength in the community
  • People mix with and learn from each other equally

Team Members

  • Rachel Bailey, Assistant Principal
  • Katy Magee, TOSA
  • Julia Gorordo, Choir Teacher
  • Seth Krufka, ELA Teacher
  • Mark Potoshnik, SS Teacher
  • Niki Squier, SS Teacher
  • Jennifer Garcia, Counselor
  • Andrea Enriquez, Spanish Teacher
  • Michelle Patzelt, ELA Teacher

Current Action Items

November is Native American Heritage Month and as such, we plan to:

  1. Do a full school land acknowledgement AND explain the significance and purpose.
  2. Create land acknowledgement posters for each classroom (after the full school acknowledgement and explanation.)
  3. Put up a large Land Acknowledgement poster at the entrance of the school
  4. Have all social studies teacher do an activity in class with students looking up their zip code to see who's land they were on, and having those teachers create a meaningful activity around that.
  5. Create a display that attends to the atrocities of the past AND the current lives of Native People here in our community that would honor these members of our community.