Senior Info

Senior Reminders

Graduates and Families,

This is it, the count-down to the end of Senior year!! Double check and make sure you have met all graduation requirements so that you can participate in the graduation ceremonies. If you have concerns, check in with your counselor or individual teachers NOW. Don’t slack off! You can do it! We are just under 8 weeks from the end – it will come super-fast, so stay on top of things!





Pay for any new costs for this school year and any outstanding fines from past years.

ASB Cards

Class/Athletic fees


You cannot participate in many of the great activities at MHS like attending the Homecoming dance, or participating in your graduation ceremony if you have any unpaid fines or textbooks/library books not turned in. You MAY, however, buy tickets for the Parent Group Senior Party, even if your school fines are not paid.

-The cost is $50.00. Help support the ASB and get reduced entrance rates to activities and events.

-Any athletic fees or classes with fees, ie Art, Photography, World Languages, Chemistry, Enviro Sci, Biotech, etc.

-Check with the counseling office for SAT and other testing information.



Last minute sales $65 – first come, first served, end of May/beginning of June while supplies last.


Parent Group Senior Party


Trina Eriks


Parent group will be on campus during both lunches on various days, watch the bulletin for more info. Cost for Senior Party: $150.00, checks made out to Bearcat Pride.

Email Trina with questions, to volunteer, or to be added to the email list.

Apr. 19

National Achiever

Caps and gowns delivered.

Other products from last week in the office if you are paid in full. At National Achiever if you still owe a balance.

May 19

Senior Prom


Where: The Future of Flight Aviation Center in Mukilteo

Theme: Arabian Nights

Cost:$55 per person w/ ASB Card, $60 ea w/out

You may want to consider or include a limo or transportation, dress/tux, dinner, corsage/boutonniere, etc.

May 27

Senior Memories Slideshow Photo Deadline

Requirements for submissions listed on back.

Email Slideshow pictures to:

May 29 – June 1


Senior Dinner Ticket sales

Cost: $10.00

Pay: Mrs. Blaine outside room 605 during both lunches.

Sign up for a table (10 per table) when you pay for your ticket, first-come, first-served for table sign-up. No, you may not change your seat once you have signed up. But you may move around as much as you’d like after every table has gotten food.

May 31

Senior Awards Night

-All Seniors, their friends and families are invited to attend.

Where: MHS PAC

Time: 6:30 pm – approx 9:30 pm

-Senior awards and local scholarship presentations.

-Please contact the career center if you have received awards or scholarships so you can be recognized.

May 31

Culminating Challenge – FINAL PRESENTATIONS

If you have not presented ON or BEFORE
this date, YOU WILL NOT WALK.

Week of June 3th

Senior Finals

Exact dates TBD in the Spring. Study hard!

June 7

Senior Dinner & Senior Sunset

Where: MHS Commons & PAC

Time: 5:00 pm , 5:15 pm appetizers, 5:30 pm dinner

Followed by Entertainment, Awards, Senior Memories Slide Show, and Senior Sunset

June 7

Senior Checkout - first thing!
MUST be completed by the end of the school day June 8th to be able to walk.

*All financial obligations must be cleared, or you cannot participate in the graduation ceremonies or receive diploma. Forms will be given out June 7th in Period 1.

All fines paid. All textbooks/books/equipment returned.

June 7

Senior Walk

Buses – load at 9:20 am for the Elementary schools.

Return at approx. 11:00 am, based on the school distance.

Permission slips available in early May.


Senior Memories Assembly


Meet in MHS upper gym at 11:30 am to pair up for walking into the assembly.


Tickets to Graduation

**May be purchased at the door of the Angel of the Winds Arena at Everett – Cash or check ONLY

Each student will receive 8 tickets after returning all books, paying all fines/fees/etc, and COMPLETING checkout.

Additional tickets may be PURCHASED for $5.00 each through the main office late May. See Newsletter for info.

June 8



8:00 am MHS GYM – MANDATORY Graduation practice in the morning at MHS. If you do not attend, you will not be able to participate in the ceremony.

11:15 am Return to MHS to ride the buses to Comcast Arena *YOU MUST RIDE THE BUS THERE, your parents can take you home after graduation.

2:30 pm Graduation Ceremony begins (doors open at approx. 1:45) @ Angel of the Winds Arena in Everett

June 12

Last Day of School for Seniors



MANDATORY Graduation Rehearsal: MHS Gym at 8:00am Saturday, June 8th.





Serving procedures. To reduce the amount of waiting time all students are expected to:

¨Quickly choose their food and serve a minimal amount of each item when your table is called to go up.

¨Students may return for additional food once everyone has gone through the line once.

Students are expected to:

¨Most people like to dress up for the event, as it is semi-formal but you must still wear clothing that meets school dress code and standards. Follow all school guidelines regarding behavior and language. Stay within the boundaries assigned by the chaperones [students may NOT leave the designated event areas OR go to their cars and come back]. Be attentive and display appropriate behavior during the dinner, presentations and entertainment.

Senior Memories Slideshow Photo Requirements Deadline: May 27th, 2018

MAXIMUM 10 pics, 3-5 images per person will be used so no one dominates the slide show.

Identify who is in the picture:

Include names of all individuals in each picture by either including the names in the file name, or including a list in the email or an attached word document that identifies everyone in each picture you’re submitting

We will NOT accept original photos. Email Slideshow pictures to:

Yearbook Senior Photo Specs

Monroe High School Yearbook Senior Section Specifications


Our goal is that the senior section reflects positively on the yearbook, the Senior Class, and MHS.

  • Please exclude photos with large writing/logos on apparel.
  • Please exclude pets & large props.
  • Photos must be vertical.
  • Head & shoulder shots are recommended. If a full body photo is submitted, it will be cropped to waist and above.
  • Please ask your photographer to remove any text label or watermark from your photo.

Image Format:

Submit photos in JPEG image format. If you are able, edit to 300dpi and 1.5” x 2” or larger. If you are unfamiliar with these settings, submit original image file and we will edit for you.

Who is a Senior?

The official senior class roster is provided by the counseling department and contains students who qualify as seniors according to academic standing. This will be the list the yearbook staff will use to determine the Senior Class. Occasionally an error is made and a senior is not included in the senior section. We ask seniors to help us prevent errors by checking postings of the senior pages in the gym lobby & outside room 510 in December. Seniors will also be reminded via the Daily Bulletin and announcements. Running Start and Sno-Isle students should also make an effort to check these postings.

When and how do I submit my senior picture?

Photos are due the 2nd Friday of November each year. Please email the photo to You may also mail or drop off a photo or disc to Stephanie Hudson here at the high school.

The email account is setup to generate an automatic reply when your email is successfully received. We appreciate your understanding that we are unable to manually respond to the hundreds of senior photo emails that will be arriving. Please remind your senior to check the lists outside of room 510 in November as we will post a list of missing senior photos.

Also note, if a sender submits several messages, the automatic reply will be sent at most once every 4 days per account limitations.

It is our goal to include ALL seniors so if you are on the list and we don’t receive a photo from you, we will contact you to find it! And if you don’t have any, we can take one for you here on campus.

Senior Timeline

Senior year is exciting but can be a stressful time. Organization can be helpful in relieving the stress. Utilizing the Career Center for scholarship information, financial aid information, SAT and ACT information is important as well.

Here is a timeline that might be helpful


  • Submit request to counselor for the Common Application and Coalition Application
  • Narrow down your college list making sure the colleges have your major. Plan on applying to at least five colleges.
  • Monitor social media accounts. 40% of College Admissions advisors look at social media accounts when deciding student admissions in 2017!


  • Gather at least 2 letters of recommendation at least 2 weeks before you need them
  • Apply for FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Opens October 1st of senior year (
  • Visit and create an account if you haven't already. You sign up for SAT and ACT testing through this website. Have your test scores sent to colleges through this website as well
  • Start or continue your scholarship search. Visit the Career Center for scholarship opportunities and help


  • Sign up SAT/ACT if you haven't already done so
  • Submit all application material by deadlines (University of Washington is November 15th)
  • Continue search for scholarships
  • Sign up in the Career Center for upcoming college visits at MHS and Field Trips


  • Remember that grades count - even second semester!
  • Sign up for SAT/ACT tests if you haven't already. You can take them as often as you like
  • Continue search for scholarships


  • Start the application process for Community Colleges and Trade schools
  • Schedule visits to your prospective colleges
  • Make a decision on a college and send in Enrollment Confirmation


  • Graduation ceremony - 2:30 pm on June 8th at Angel of the Winds Arena in Everett (doors open at approx. 1:45). Entrance by ticket only.





Letter of Recommendation

  • Do you need a letter of recommendation written for a college or scholarship application or for a private school you are applying to?
  • Remember - Always give a minimum of 10 to 15 school days notice for anyone you are asking to write a letter of recommendation
  • Don't forget to write a thank-you note to anyone who writes a letter for you

The Letter of Recommendation form is found on the Forms tab under Counseling or in the Counseling Office.