Counseling Department News

  • DID YOU KNOW? Counselors have drop in times during both lunches every day! This is the perfect time to see your counselor for those quick questions.
  • If you need a Running Start Verification form signed by your counselor - please give them to your counselor at least a week before you need it.
  • Running Start for fall - If you are interested please check out the Running Start section of the college's website for application deadlines, etc.
  • SUMMER SCHOOL - JUNE 19TH IS THE REGISTRATION DEADLINE. Summer school begins July 9th and runs through August 9th. There are two different sessions, Monday and Wednesday 8-10 am OR Tuesday and Thursday 8-10 am. The cost is $75 per class. The student earns 0.5 credits per class. Students will be required to work on assignments outside of class. It may be possible for student to complete more classes during the scheduled class period if they put in extra effort at home. The student must complete 0.5 credits/class before beginning the next class. There must be enough time left during the summer school session. Fliers are located in the counseling office or here. You may also call the counseling office for any questions at 360-804-4503. REGISTRATION DEADLINE IS JUNE 19TH (LAST DAY OF SCHOOL)!
  • Final transcripts will be ready no later than June 29th. They will be sent out to the schools requested on the Future Education Survey.
  • Diplomas can be picked up in the Main Office after July 9th.
  • The Counseling Department Office will re-open August 20th.