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Graduation Requirement: Students must earn 4.0 credits (eight semesters) of English to graduate.

Grade  MHS Graduation Requirement  Advanced Sequence
9  English Language Arts 9  Honors English Language Arts 9
10  English Language Arts 10  Honors English Language Arts 10
11  American Literature & Composition  AP English Language/Composition
12  English Language Arts 12  AP English Literature/Composition



Graduation Requirement: Students must earn 2.0 credits (four semesters) of Fine, Visual, Technical, or Performing Arts to graduate.



Graduation Requirement: Student must earn 3.0 credits of math, which must include Algebra I, Geometry and Algebra II or equivalent, to graduate. 

Math is not restricted to any specific grade level and it is a sequential learning subject.  College-bound students should consult their college of choice and program of study to determine the math requirement and level of math required for admission.

Our goal in Math is to ensure that every student successfully completes their Math sequence through Algebra II, at a minimum. Successfully completing Algebra II is important for two reasons: 

  1. Algebra II has a level of complexity and depth in real world problem solving and critical thinking that is extremely important for students to learn and experience, and 
  2. Successful completion of Algebra II also opens up college and university options for students that have the goal of continuing their formal education after high school. We believe keeping that option open for all students is important. We also seek to support and push as many students as possible into higher levels of Math beyond Algebra II here at MHS. The critical thinking, problem solving, and application skills that students learn as they progress into higher levels of Math are so critical in the 21st century. The Math sequencing below outlines the Math courses and how they build on each other as students progress in their Math.
Sequence Required Course
1 Yes Algebra I + Extended Algebra
2 Yes Geometry
(+optional Extended Geometry)
3 Yes Algebra II or Honors Algebra II
4 Optional Math 107, Pre-Calculus,
and/or AP Statistics
5 Optional AP Calculus
(must first take Pre-Calculus)

Important Note: Math 107, Pre-Calculus, and/or AP Statistics can be taken in any order after taking Algebra II.

**A student may substitute a computer science course (see Business & Marketing courses in CTE section of course catalog) aligned to state computer science learning standards as an alternative to a third year of mathematics so long as:

  • Before substituting the mathematics course, the counselor provides the student and the student’s parent/guardian with written notification of postsecondary consequences due to the substitution;
  • The student, the student’s parent or guardian, and the school principal or counselor agree to the substitution;
  • The substitution aligns with the student’s high school and beyond plan; and
  • The student has not already substituted a third-year science course for a computer science course.


All students taking Algebra 1 at MHS are also enrolled in Extended Algebra 1, which means they have Algebra everyday.  This is critical because successful understanding and completion of Algebra 1 is fundamental to students successfully completing the rest of their math classes in high school.  

Some students in Geometry and Algebra 2 may also take Extended Geometry and Extended Algebra 2.  Those are support classes for students that need extended amounts of time, instruction and support to succeed in Math. Students will be placed in Extended Math classes based on their learning in prior Math classes. 


Career and Technical Education (CTE) is a planned program of course work containing hands-on, career-connected learning that prepares students to be college, career, and future ready! CTE courses integrate 21st century skills, professional and technical skills, and core academic knowledge. CTE courses may provide the opportunity to earn college credit or industry recognized credentials (IRC’s).  

Graduation Requirement: Students must earn 2.5 credits (5 semesters) of CTE to graduate. 

CTE Programs: 

  • Business and Marketing
  • Family and Consumer Sciences
  • Health Sciences
  • Skilled and Technical Sciences
  • STEM

Dual Credit

The following CTE courses provide students with the opportunity to earn both high school and college credit if students earn a grade of “B” or better in the course. Teachers will provide students with information regarding how to register for CTE Dual Credit. *Note: To be awarded college credit, students must register and may have to pay a small fee.

  • Veterinary Science
  • Environmental Science
  • Advanced Culinary Arts
  • Aerospace Manufacturing Core Plus I
  • Aerospace Manufacturing Core Plus II
  • Engineering & Design I
  • Robotics II
  • Marketing II
  • American Sign Language II
  • American Sign Language IIIM
  • Sports Medicine I
  • Sports Medicine II
  • Floral Design I
  • Yearbook
  • Bearcats Teach


Graduation Requirement: Student must earn credits 2.0 credits (4 semesters) of PE to graduate.

Students must successfully complete Introduction to Fitness or equivalent before they can take another PE class.


 Graduation Requirements  Attending a 4-year university after MHS
 3.0 credits of science 4 years of science highly recommended
 2.0 of the 3.0 credits are lab-based sciences Completion of an algebra based science course: Chemistry, AP Chemistry, Physics, AP Physics, or Cell Biotechnology & Forensics

Recommended Science Sequence 

The sequence below is recommended for students as they progress through high school, although students may take their Science courses in any order. This sequence will help students get a solid foundation of Science skills, concepts, and content to prepare them for the direction they want to go in 11th and 12th grade. Students may select an alternate sequence based on their interests and needs. Each spring Science teachers will advise students on their best next steps for Science courses and students will choose at least one alternate Science course in case their first choice is not available.  

Grade Recommended Science Course
9 Life Science
10 Earth Science
11 Elective Science
12 Elective Science

Note: If students take a CTE Science course, it is strongly suggested that they take another CTE Science course the year after so that they meet one of the graduation pathways.  Students may take more than one Science course in a year if they  choose. 


Graduation Requirement: Students must earn 4.0 credits of Social Studies to graduate.

Grade  MHS Graduation Requirement  Advanced Sequence
9  World Geography/World History  AP Human Geography
10  Modern World History  AP World History OR AP European History
11  United States History  AP United States History
12  Civics/Contemporary World Problems  AP US Government and Politics


Graduation Requirement: Students must earn 2.0 credits in the same world language to graduate.


More Resources & Information

2023-24 Board Approved Class Fees

Graduation Pathways

Students must complete a minimum of one pathway and indicate their preference in their High School and Beyond Plan. Students should pursue multiple pathways to keep all of their options open as they progress through high school.



  • Smarter Balanced HS Assessment (ELA and/or Math)
  • Minimum SAT or ACT scores on ELA and/or Math sections
  • Be eligible to earn College Credit in ELA and/or Math through Running Start, College in the High School or Dual Credit
  • Transition Course in ELA and/or Math such as Math 107
  • AP Courses or Exams in ELA and/or Math with a 3 or better score
  • Any combination of ELA and Math option from any of the General Postsecondary Education Pathways above


  • Complete a set sequence of 2.0 or more credits that either include a dual credit course or lead to an industry-recognized credential
  • Complete a Core Plus program


  • ASVAB minimum entry score


  • Up to 180 hours (per 1 credit) of CTE Work-Based Learning credit may be earned by students working in a field connected to their CTE pathway.
  • An additional graduation requirement that is not connected to credit is the Certificate of Academic Achievement
  • Access for the College Academic Distribution Requirements (CADR) and other related minimum college admission information. See page 3 for more information about state requirements.

Honors & Awards

Valedictorian: Highest GPA w/minimum of 6 graded (A-F) classes in each of the first 7 semesters and maintaining GPA during last grading period.

Salutatorian: Second highest GPA w/minimum of 6 graded (A-F) classes in each of the first 7 semesters maintaining GPA during last grading period.

High Honors

  • Gold Honor Cord awarded to students who earn 3.75 cumulative GPA and above for the first 7 semesters
  • Silver Honor Cord awarded to students who earn 3.5-3.749 cumulative GPA for first 7 semesters 

Academic Challenge: Completion of the following courses is required to be eligible for an award:

  • 3 years of a World Language
  • 4 years of English (2 AP Equivalents or Running Start)
  • 4 years of Math (must include Pre-Calculus, AP Calculus or AP Statistics)
  • 4 years of Science 
  • 4 years of Social Studies (2 AP Equivalents or Running Start)

Honor Roll: GPA of 3.5 for the semester 

Service Learning

Service learning provides students the opportunity to earn credit for a service project or combination of service projects in the community. This is a voluntary option.

Things to know

  • Pre-approval by counselor and principal is required
  • 75 hours of service is required for 0.5 credit. It can be repeatable up to 2 credits
  • Parent or student is responsible for transportation and contacting the community agency where student would like to serve.