Running Start

Course Equivalencies

Monroe High School/Community College

Graduation Requirement Equivalencies

Monroe High School Course

Community College Course(s)

English/Language Arts

Any English course numbered over 100


Social Studies Elective

United States History

POLS 202

Any History or Social Science course numbered over 100

HIST 147 or 148 (one of the 2)

World History

International Relations, or related courses with an emphasis on world history. Check with your Monroe High School Counselor.

Algebra 2 Equivalent

Fine Arts

Any Math course numbered over 100

Any Art, Music, or Theater course numbered over 100


Biology, Chemistry, Physics, or Science courses numbered over 100


Any vocationally oriented course numbered over 100; Accounting, Office Skills & Technology, Computer Information Systems, Engineering, Welding, General Business, etc.Check with Monroe High School Counselor.

Physical Education

Any PE course numbered over 100 (except for PEHW 203 & PEHW235)


PEHW 203 or PEHW 235

Washington State History

HIST 214

Credit Equivalencies

Community College

1 Credit

2 Credits

3 Credits

4 Credits

5 Credits

Monroe High School

0.2 Credit

0.4 Credit

0.6 Credit

0.8 Credit

1.0 Credit

January 2018


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