Graduation Requirements

Please view our course catalog for complete graduation requirements.

30 credits total required for Monroe High School Graduation

English - 4 credits

  • 9 - English Language Arts, or Honors English Language Arts 9
  • 10 - English Language Arts 10, or Honors English Language Arts 10
  • 11 - American Literature & Composition, or AP English Language & Composition
  • 12 - English Language Arts 12, or AP English LIterature & Composition

Social Studies - 4 credits

  • 9 - World Geography/World History, or AP Human Geography
  • 10 - Modern World History, or AP World History, or AP European History
  • 11 - US History (required by state), or AP US History
  • 12 - Civics & Contemporary World Problems (required by state), or AP Government

Math - 3 credits

  • Algebra 1
  • Geometry
  • Algebra 2, or Honors Algebra 2
  • 4-year college bound: AP Statistics, and/or Math 107, and/or Pre-calculus + AP Calculus

Science - 3 credits (2 lab science credits)

  • 4-year college bound: 4 years of science highly recommended

Career & Technical Education - 2.5 credits

World Language - 2 credits*

  • 2 credits of the SAME language

Fine Arts - 2 credits*

Physical Education - 2 credits

Health - 0.5 credit

Electives - 7 credits*

Total credits possible: 32

* Depending on a student's High School and Beyond Plan, they can take less Art or World Language with replacement credits that match HSBP.

Printable PDF of Graduation Requirements

Students must take a full course load for their first three years of high school.  Students desiring to take less than a full load of courses during their senior year must meet with and receive approval from their counselor in order to insure all credit and non-credit graduation requirements are on track to be met prior to the date of graduation.  Student athletes must fulfill all eligibility requirements as stipulated in the current WIAA handbook to remain eligible to participate in sports while taking less than a full course load of classes during their senior year.  All students who complete graduation requirements prior to their graduation date are eligible to participate in the commencement ceremony. 

Non Credit Graduation Requirements 

  • High School & Beyond Plan (worked on every year/finalized senior year)
  • Washington State History (usually completed in Middle School)

Graduation Pathway Options

Students must meet at least one of these pathway options to graduate:

  • State Assessment: Meet or exceed the graduation scores in the Smarter Balanced Assessments (SBA) in English language arts (ELA) and mathematics or in WA-AIM (Washington Access to Instruction & Measurement).
  • Dual Credit: Earn at least one high school credit in ELA and at least one high school credit in math in dual credit courses (Running Start, College in the High School, and/or Career and Technical Education dual credit courses).
  • AP/IB/Cambridge: For both ELA and math, earn a 3 or higher on certain Advanced Placement (AP) exams or a 4 or higher on certain International Baccalaureate (IB) exams or an E on certain Cambridge International exams, or pass the course with at least a C+. 
  • SAT/ACT: Meet or exceed the graduation scores set by the State Board of Education in the math and ELA portions of the SAT or ACT.
  • Transition Course: Pass a transition course in ELA and math (for example, a Bridge to College course) which allows a student to place directly into a credit-bearing college level course.
  • Combination: Meet any combination of at least one ELA and one math option of those options listed in 1-5.
  • ASVAB: Meet standard on the ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) by scoring at least the minimum established by the military for eligibility to serve in a branch of the armed services.*
  • CTE Sequence: Complete a sequence of Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses.*

*Note: Students who pursue these pathways (ASVAB or CTE) do not need to meet English and math requirements separately. English and math content are embedded in both pathways—and a student who meets either the ASVAB standard or the CTE pathway requirements has met the graduation pathway requirement.