In late winter/early spring, course selection takes place for the following school year. It is expected that students take the selection process seriously, as it determines Monroe High School's master schedule. Once classes are selected, it is expected students will stay and complete those classes in their entirety. There may be a legitimate reason for a schedule change (such as a missing graduation requirement or component of the High School and Beyond Plan), but these will be limited.

2024-25 Course Registration Timeline

Current MHS students in grades 9-11 (Class of 2027, 2026, 2025):

  • March 4-8, 2024: Students will plan and request courses during Homeroom all this week. Flex will be ‘frozen’ so students will stay with their homeroom teachers all week to complete registration. Counselors will be meeting with all Class of 2025 students to ensure they have requested all the classes necessary for graduation.
  • Students will plan their courses using the Course Planning Worksheets below and then complete the online request for courses for the 2024-25 school year through XelloThis is a change from previous years when registration was done through Skyward/Family Access.


Current 8th graders (Class of 2028):

  • February 27-28: MHS counselors will Zoom meet with 8th grade classes at PPMS and HRMS to present info about course offerings at MHS & the registration process. 
  • March 6: Future Bearcat Night at MHS from 6:00-8:00 p.m.
  • March 13: Counselors will visit HRMS to help students officially register for classes via Skyward. If they are absent, they will need to turn in their Course Planning Worksheet to their middle school.
  • March 20: Counselors will visit PPMS for registration to help students officially register for classes via Skyward. If they are absent, they will need to turn in their Course Planning Worksheet to their middle school.


Students New to MHS in grades 9-11: 

  • Registration opens February 27, 2024 for the 2024-25 school year. Enroll online or submit a paper enrollment to Monroe High School. Enrollment Page Found Here
  • Once enrolled, please print and fill out the Course Planning Worksheet for your graduation year (linked above). Please reference the Course Catalog for guidance.
  • Submit the completed Course Planning Worksheet in-person or by email to the MHS registrar: Tammy Berreth

Frequently Asked Registration Questions

The MHS course catalog has answers to MOST of your questions. There is lots of good information in there!

FAQ sheet

Q: What if my student is fluent in Spanish?
Take Spanish for Heritage Learners in 9th grade or wait until 10th grade year and take the World Language Competency test.

Q: Who do I contact if I have questions? 
If you are a Monroe School District 8th grade student registering for 9th grade, contact your middle school counselor:

  • Hidden River Middle School: Lily Shafer
  • Park Place Middle School: Tammy Amador (Last Names: M-Z & MLL) & Sharon Leinweber (Last Names: A-L & SPED & their siblings)

If you are a current MHS student, contact your counselor.

Q: What credits are required to graduate?

View graduation requirements here

Q: What extra-curricular clubs and activities are available at MHS and how do I get involved?
The list of all clubs and activities available at MHS can be found here. The staff advisors are listed next to each club and/or activity. Please reach out to the advisor listed to learn how to join or get involved.

Q: Can I waive PE credits? 
P.E. waiver forms can be found on our Forms webpage.