Graduation Requirements

Please view our course catalog for complete graduation requirements.

Credit Requirement Overview

2019 and Beyond Graduation Credits

  • A total of 24 credits is required for graduation
  • English - 4 credits
  • Math - 3 credits
  • Science - 3 credits
  • Social Studies - 3 credits
  • CTE - 1 credit
  • PE - 1.5 credits
  • Health - 0.5 credits
  • Fine Arts -2 credits
  • World Language - 2 credits
  • Electives- 4 credits

*High School and Beyond Plan is a State requirement

*English Language Arts and Math Assessment Tests (Smarter Balanced or SBAC) are State requirements for graduation as well.  Please see the State Testing Requirement tab for more information.




Graduation Toolkits

OSPI (Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction) has made a toolkit for each class to help navigate the various requirements. Please click on the links below for more information. Included in the toolkit are Key Testing Information, Minimum Credit Requirements, Graduation Alternatives, ect.

2018 Graduation Toolkit

2019 Graduation Toolkit

2020 Graduation Toolkit

2021 Graduation Toolkit

State Testing Requirement for Class of 2019