Graduation Requirements

Please view our course catalog for complete graduation requirements.

Credit Requirement Overview by Graduation Year

Course Areas 2022 2023 and Beyond
English 4 4
Social Studies 4 4
Math 3 3
Science 3 3
Career & Technical Education 2 2.5
Physical Education 2 2
Health 0.5 0.5
Fine Arts* 2 2
World Language* 2 2

1.5 Student Choice

7.0 Student Choice
Total Minimum Credits Required for Graduation 24 30
Total Possible Credits 30 32

* Depending on a student's High School and Beyond Plan, they can take less Art or World Language with replacement credits that match HSBP.

**Students that have a High School and Beyond Plan that is adversely impacted by the change to the 8 Period Schedule and new graduation expectations can apply for a waiver for any of the specific electives.

Students must take a full course load for their first three years of high school.  Students desiring to take less than a full load of courses during their senior year must meet with and receive approval from their counselor in order to insure all credit and non-credit graduation requirements are on track to be met prior to the date of graduation.  Student athletes must fulfill all eligibility requirements as stipulated in the current WIAA handbook to remain eligible to participate in sports while taking less than a full course load of classes during their senior year.  All students that complete graduation requirements prior to their graduation date are eligible to participate in the commencement ceremony.