Honors & Advanced Placement

Honors & Awards

Valedictorian – Valedictorians are the students with the highest GPA who have taken a minimum of six (6) graded (A-F) classes in each of the first seven (7) semesters maintaining GPA at the last grading period prior to graduation. 

Salutatorians –Salutatorians are the students with the second highest GPA who have taken a minimum of six (6) graded (A-F) classes in each of the first seven (7) semesters maintaining GPA at the last grading period prior to graduation. 

High Honors at Commencement – High Honor Cord (Gold) will be awarded to the student who earns a 3.75 and above cumulative GPA (first 7 semesters, grades 9-12).  An Honor cord (Silver) will be awarded to the student who earns a 3.50 - 3.749 cumulative GPA (first 7 semesters, grade 9-12).

Top 10% of Class - Rank order of cumulative GPA (first 7 semesters from grades 9-12). 

Academic Honor Roll - Grade point average of 3.5 for a semester.  This is not based on cumulative grade point average.  

Academic Challenge

Students may elect to participate in a more rigorous course of study that is highly academic and college preparatory in nature. The academic challenge program is a four-year commitment consisting of advanced academic courses. Students who select and complete the academic challenge program will receive special recognition and designation on their permanent record as well as a grade of C or better is required in all classes.  Students and parents are responsible for monitoring their progress toward this award.

Successful completion of the following courses is required to be eligible for the certificate:

  • 3 years of a World Language

  • 4 years of English (two of which is AP Equivalent or Running Start)

  • 4 years of Math (must include either Pre-Calculus , AP Calculus or AP Statistics)

  • 4 years of Science

  • 4 years of Social Studies (two of which an AP Equivalent or Running Start)

High School PLUS Award

At MHS our Core Values are Purpose, Lifelong Learning, Unity, and Support.  These Core Values are what our staff and students have agreed are the most essential commitments to ensure we achieve our Mission, become the school captured in our Vision , and meet the Goals that we have set to monitor our progress. 

Throughout each year we will recognize students that are living into our Core Values to make MHS a better school for ALL students.  This is a new award at MHS and below is a very brief explanation of the attributes we look for when recognizing students for modeling our Core Values

Purpose - Students that are engaged, focused, present, and persistent in pursuing their goals and passions here at MHS

Lifelong Learning - Students that demonstrate a commitment to being curious, taking risks in their learning, and continually growing themselves in academic, social-emotional and/or behavioral ways.  

Unity - Students that commit to our efforts to celebrate diversity and actively participate in our journey to become a school where ALL students know they belong.

Support - Students that serve our MHS community in a variety of ways to further our efforts to become a school for ALL.  

Advanced Placement

The Advanced Placement Program (AP) is a cooperative educational endeavor among secondary schools, colleges and universities, and Educational Testing Service (ETS). It gives high school students exposure to college level material through involvement in an AP course and an opportunity to show what they have learned by taking an AP Exam. Colleges and universities are then able to grant credit, placement, or both to these students. A student who earns a grade of 3 or better on an AP Exam is generally considered qualified to receive credit for the equivalent course at one of nearly 3,000 colleges and universities that grant credit for AP Exams. The student should contact the four-year institution that he/she plans to attend to determine if a credit will transfer.

Current AP courses offered at Monroe High School:
 AP Biology 
 AP Calculus AB
 AP Computer Science
 AP Chemistry
 AP English Language and Composition
 AP English Literature and Composition 
AP Environmental Science 
 AP European History
 AP Human Geography
 AP Music Theory
 AP Physics 
 AP Psychology
 AP Research
 AP Seminar
 AP Spanish IV
 AP Spanish Literature & Culture
 AP Statistics
 AP US Government and Politics
 AP US History
 AP World History

Please see the MHS course catalog for more information and course descriptions. AP classes are indicated in the course description of each section. Students interested in other AP courses should meet with their counselor for more information.

There is a fee to take an AP exam. To register for AP testing click on the link below:

Total Registration


MHS offers Honors opportunities in English, Math, and Social Studies.