Park Place Fall Conferences

Park Place Fall Conferences

Hello Park Place Families -

Fall Conferences are happening for PPM students on Oct 27th & Oct 29th. We really hope you will take time to join us even if it does look different this year. We welcome opportunities to connect with you around your student's learning.

Conferences can be scheduled with any or all of your student's teachers and will occur in 15 min time slots via Zoom. This allows for approximately a 10 min conference to discuss your child's progress. Please only take one time slot per student. If you run out of time during your conference, and need more time, please email the teacher after your conference to set up an appointment via phone or Zoom at a later date. This will allow all of our families to access conference time slots.

Please click on the appropriate link below, find your child's teacher(s) and click on the attached link to reserve your time. PLEASE enter both the first and last name of your child in the time slot.

English Speaking Families

Spanish Speaking Families

Make sure you copy the zoom link to use at your scheduled time. Once you log into the zoom link you will be placed in a VIRTUAL WAITING ROOM until the teacher lets you in.

If you have any questions, or concerns please contact our main office at (360) 804-4300.

Please encourage your child to attend conferences with you - and even Zoom from their device!

Expectations for learning Oct 26th - 30th-

*All Zoom meetings with classes will be held Monday through Friday.

*iReady practice, independent reading and work time is still an expectation.

*Teacher Access Time will NOT be in session.