REACCH Program

Rigorous Education to Access Career and College Horizons


REACCH is a program at Park Place Middle School that is designed to provide a rigorous curriculum to help prepare students to enroll in Honors, Advanced Placement or Challenging Option courses. The goal of the program is to increase students’ ability to: deal with a high level of task-demand; critically read, critically write and support their thinking with evidence and contextual facts. The development of these skills are essential for students to access and be successful in Honors, Advanced Placement, and all of the Challenging Option courses offered at both the middle and high school levels.

Design of REACCH

Student enrollment in the REACCH program is capped at 120 eighth grade students. These students participate in the program for 4 consecutive periods (230 minutes) and share the same four teachers for Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies. This time block provides teachers the flexibility to extend or decrease instructional time based on the academic needs of their students. The four REACCH teachers have the flexibility to divide the 230 minutes to best meet the academic needs of their students.

Many of these students also are enrolled in an additional Academic Support Class (ASC). The ASC provides students with skill remediation, note-taking instruction, test-taking training and organizational skills as needed. The students in ASC also participate in career research and explore colleges and vocational opportunities that will provide them the training necessary to access their desired career or college choice.

Instructional Delivery

All of the teachers in REACCH use the Pre-Advanced Placement strategies. This means the teachers have the knowledge, strategies and skills needed to engage students in a deeper and more rigorous level of learning. As a result, REACCH students will be empowered to pursue their career or college goals.

The REACCH teachers have spent time reviewing their individual content learning targets. They have identified common connections within their content’s learning targets. Whenever possible, teachers will help students to see the commonalities and connections between their Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies courses.

Finally, the REACCH teachers have designed the program so there is strong consistency in the academic, behavioral and organizational expectations of their students. This consistency will better prepare the students for the challenges and demands that will be placed upon them when they are enrolled in Honors, Advanced Placement, and Challenging Options courses in the future.

Student and Parent Commitments

The following commitments are expected of all students and their families when enrolled in REACCH.

  1. Students commit to coming to school daily prepared to be be challenged and learn.
  2. Students will adopt a growth mindset. A growth mindset will require students to understand that with strong instruction, academic support and flexibility, in time all students can and will learn at a high level.
  3. Students who are identified as needing the Academic Support Class will commit to giving up their elective.
  4. Parents will commit to one monthly meeting to receive information about what their students are learning in REACCh and what they can do to support their students.
  5. Parents with students in REACCH will support and understand that learning at high levels or rigor will be challenging and frustrating at times. Parents also understand that academic growth will be achieved if they support their children to find the resilience needed to face their challenges and work through their frustrations. With that understanding, parents will commit to requiring their student to complete REACCH.

REACCH Parent Powerpoint 2019