Schedule Changes

Student schedules have been crafted based on the registration survey students filled out last quarter. This allows us to determine how many classes are needed and which teachers will be teaching the classes. Due to this, schedule changes are not made unless there are extraordinary circumstances.

Schedule correction will only be considered under the following conditions:

  • The student is not the in the correct class level (i.e. the student is scheduled for 7th grade math, but should be in 8th grade math).
  • The scheduled course was not one of your selections on your original class selection sheet (In almost all cases, students are scheduled into their 1st and 2nd class choices as written on their registration survey sheets. There are some instances when is it not possible to schedule students into their 1st or 2nd choices and 3rd-5th choices must be assigned. If a student is place in a class that was not listed as a choice at all on their survey sheet, then a schedule change may be requested).

Schedule changes will not be made based on lunch, period or teacher preferences. If you do not fit the above criteria, a schedule change will not occur. It is expected that if a student has a conflict with a specific teacher, he/she will meet with the teacher/parent/administrator to work out a conflict resolution.

If you feel your schedule change request meets one of the above criteria, please complete the Schedule Change Correction Request form and return it to the counseling office for consideration.

Schedule Change Request Form