Frequently Asked Questions

How does MSD distance learning/hybrid model and the MVLA differ?

A: Students in MVLA will be using online curriculum and materials from the Florida Virtual School, overseen by Monroe School District teachers. Students in MVLA will be placed with teachers and students from throughout the district, but not necessarily from their home school. It is our hope that students who enroll in this program stay in the program for the entire school year for program continuity.

MSD hybrid learning refers to a phased approach where students will begin the year with distance learning from home and then transition back to the classroom at their home school when it is deemed safe to do so. Students in this model will be assigned to teachers from their home school and placed in classes with other students from their own school. Teachers will be using the standard Monroe School District curriculum in this model.

See our “At-a-glance” sheet for more information.

Can we move from the MVLA to Monroe SD’s Hybrid Model at any time?

A: While we will do everything to accommodate students’ needs, we cannot promise that we will be able to move students from MVLA to MSD’s hybrid model. This will depend on our ability to accommodate students and teachers moving from online to hybrid/hybrid to online and how many students and in which grades/subject want to move (we cannot overload teachers and classes). It will also have to be done at set times; it would be too disruptive to have students moving around at all times. We identified the quarters and semesters as natural opportunities to make these changes. Again, we want to do everything we can to help students and families as they decide what will work best for them and we need to do it in a way that does not impact the overall learning experience for all our students. 

Why is this program a 1-year commitment? Why can't we switch back to in-person learning if/when that becomes available?

A: We want to be able to accommodate all our family members’ needs. We also have to staff our schools in September with the number of teachers needed for the number of students in each of the models. If enough students in the right grade bands decide to move to the hybrid model and then back to an in-person school setting, we could have the appropriate number of teachers transition with them. Unfortunately, this is not something we can promise, but will work very hard to accommodate. Please see the response to the question above.

What if I'm in high school and want more than 4 credit-bearing courses each semester (for example, if I need to catch up on credits or want to accelerate)? 

A: High school students enrolled in MVLA have the option to co-enroll at Leaders in Learning High School in order to take additional coursework. To apply, begin by completing the application here.

Does the online curriculum from Florida have anything to do with the State of Florida’s education system? Florida ranks in the bottom half of the U.S.

A: There are a number of online schools across the country and the world that serve students beyond the location of their central office. The Florida Virtual School (FLVS) is an online course provider that has been approved by the Washington State Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) as it aligns with the Common Core State Standards. We believe the FLVS was the best OSPI approved online course provider as it integrates with all of our systems (Canvas, Skyward, Bright Bytes, etc.) and it has the robust curriculum we want for K-12. While FLVS offers districts the option to use their teachers, we are choosing to use our amazing MSD staff to deliver the curriculum. 

If a special education student chooses MVLA, will appropriate accommodations be made in the classes?

A: Yes! The Monroe Virtual Learning Academy is a part of the Monroe School District, and as such all students have the same rights as students engaged in our hybrid model and fully in class model. This includes students with IEPs, our ELL students, and our students in the Highly Capable program. Once enrolled, families will be contacted by their child’s case manager to discuss how services will be provided.

Will the MVLA school year calendar be the same as the rest of the schools in the Monroe School District?

A: Yes. The MVLA is a part of the Monroe School District and has the same calendar

Do the students in the MVLA do daily Zoom meetings with their assigned teachers (similar to the students in the hybrid learning program)?

A: Daily Zoom meetings will depend on grade level and content of the class. There will definitely be opportunities for live Zoom engagement as well as work that will be done independently.

How will attendance work in this online school?

A: Attendance will be taken using the same criteria for each of our elementary, middle, and high schools.

  • Elementary: Teachers will be taking attendance first thing in the morning asynchronously through an online check-in form.
  • Middle School and High School: Teachers will take attendance at the end of each school day for the corresponding synchronous classes that were held that day, based on student participation in at least one of the following activities: synchronous learning activities, evidence of completion of asynchronous learning activities, and / or direct communication of a learning task provided to a teacher.

Is the MVLA schedule flexible? Can students engage in learning on weekends or evenings when it works for best for them?

A: Teachers in the MVLA are our MSD teachers and will be offering live instruction during the school days/hours. There will also be independent learning activities that a student can do at a time that best fits their schedule.

If my child is signed up for the MVLA, will they be matched/placed with students from their home school? 

A: Students enrolled in MVLA will be placed in classes with other students from throughout the district and not necessarily with those from their home school.

Will these students have access to any extracurricular activities at their home school?

A: While we will do what we can to include students in extracurricular activities, if they're enrolled in MVLA, they will have less access to school based activities that take place during the school day as Distance Learning and MVLA will be following different schedules.

In this model, will students in middle and high school have different teachers for different subjects or only one teacher for all subjects?

A: For the most part, teachers at the middle school and high school have teaching certificates with endorsements that only allow them to teach specific subjects; therefore, students at the middle and high school levels have multiple teachers. 

What are the class sizes in the MVLA - approximately how many students per teacher?

A: Teachers will have approximately the same student count as they would normally have in a traditional school year.