MVLA Secondary (6-12)

Blake BairdI wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and welcome you to the Monroe Virtual Learning Academy (MVLA). My name is Blake Baird and I will be overseeing and supporting 6th through 12th grade students, families and teachers at MVLA. In addition to overseeing MVLA, I serve as the Associate Principal of Alternative Pathways overseeing our Youth Re-Engagement partnerships with Everett & Shoreline Community Colleges and principaling Leaders in Learning High School over the last 5 years. Prior to coming to Monroe, I served as a Math & Science Teacher in the Bellevue School District, with an emphasis in Alternative Education. 

As a parent I know first hand the difficult decision you had in front of you choosing a learning option for your child this year. I want you to know that I am committed to partnering with you to support your child in reaching their academic goals.  I know that COVID-19 has prompted many changes in our schools but I am confident that we can make this year an excellent experience for your child.

Please know that we will be partnering with you to fill out any and all required enrollment paperwork. I will be available to support you from my office on business days from 7:30-12 and 1-3:30. If you need support outside this window please do not hesitate to contact me or our district office (360-804-2500) for help. I also want to assure you that at the end of the semester or academic year, we will again support you with the process of enrolling your child back into his/her home school.

I look forward to partnering with you this year in the continued academic growth of your child. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns regarding the Monroe Virtual Learning Academy.

Blake Baird

MVLA Secondary Courses/Subjects Taught*

Middle School

Math 6
Math 7
Math 8
Science 6
Science 7
Science 8
English Language Arts (ELA) A 6
English Language Arts (ELA) 7
English Language Arts (ELA) 8
Social Studies 6 (World History 1)
Social Studies 7 (Civics/WA State History)
Social Studies 8 (US History)
Business Keyboarding
Coding Fundamentals
Reading 1
Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, & Learning Strategies

High School

Algebra 1
Algebra 2
Pre Calculus
Probability & Statistics
Advanced Placement (AP) Calculus A/B
Marine Biology
Agriscience Foundations
English Language Arts (ELA) 9
English Language Arts (ELA) 10
English Language Arts (ELA) 11
English Language Arts (ELA) 12
AP English Language and Composition
AP English Literature and Composition
US Government
World History
US History
African American History
AP US History
Foundations of Programing
Art History & Criticism
Music Appreciation: The Enjoyment of Listening
Health/Life Management Skills
Spanish 1
Spanish 2
Spanish 3

* Note: All courses subject to availability, graduation requirements, and prerequisites.

MVLA Secondary Daily Schedule

How Do I Make Schedule Changes?

Due to remote learning, we are limited in the number of classes we are able to offer. Please note that we understand you or your child may not have registered for a class on his/her schedule. Our counselor and administrator have taken into consideration graduation requirements of each student when creating schedules. The limitations in classes being offered may decrease subjects of interest, but do help your child advance academically and as a result. Shceuld change requests may be submitted via the form below.

Schedule Change Request

MVLA Secondary Teaching Staff

Mr. Baird - Principal
Ms. Bennett - MS Math
Ms. Crowther - MS ELA
Mr. Devine - HS SS
Ms. Hallanger - MS/HS SpEd
Mr. Ingham - Health/PE
Ms. Kaplowitz - MS ELA/HS SS  
Ms Kropf - MS/HS ELA  
Ms. Larson - Counselor
Ms. Louis - HS Math
Mr. Miner - MS/HS ELA  
Mr. Moneypenny - MS Science
Ms. Oestreich - MS SS
Ms. Sarr-Lewis - Spanish  
Mr. Weber - MS/HS CTE/Art/Music
Ms. Yarborough - HS Science