The staff spotlight page is a way for us to celebrate each other. Do you have a colleague who goes above and beyond? Do you have a coworker who deserves some extra recognition? Show them some appreciation by nominating them to be in the spotlight. Not only will the staff you nominate receive a handwritten note of appreciation from our Superintendent, Dr. Smith, we'll also post your nominations right here on our staff spotlight page. 


Shawna Clark | Teacher | Salem Woods Elementary

Shawna is always doing something great. She welcomes transitioning students from SLC into her kindergarten classroom with enthusiasm, going the extra mile to ensure they are successful.

Greg Burns | Safety & Risk Manager | District Office

Greg is phenomenal! While it is his job to be constantly on alert, addressing the 1-3% of the most alarming risks to safety, he is also constantly pushing his own practice and the practices of those he works with.

Jessica Follett | Teacher | Monroe High School

Jessie recently helped me with my Community Truancy Board. She came for 1 student she works with but then stayed for 3 other students to help create plans for them to increase their attendance.

Heather Rummel | Teacher | Frank Wagner Elementary

Heather has created such a warm, caring, and safe learning environment for some of our most impacted students. Students who came in with behaviors like hiding under desks are now participating, learning, and hugging teachers throughout the day.

Nancy Ostrom, Peter Silpakit | Tech Support | Techonology

Peter and Nancy have been instrumental in ensuring we have the tech setup required for World Language Competency Credit testing at MHS and LILHS. We literally could not test without their expert navigation around keyboard installation.

Ryan Hyde, Stephen Loewen, Lisa Ray | Teachers | Monroe High School

These three superheroes worked tirelessly for months (including summer months for score and script prep) to create something extra-special with the Theater students and pit orchestra at Monroe High School. The production of ELF - The Musical was absolutely fabulous! All of their work on this was in addition to their regular teaching responsibilities.

Tyler Wood | Teacher | Monroe High School

In my interactions with Tyler, he is always willing and able to think outside of the box when it comes to serving all students. His growth mindset and systems approach when teaching math is a benefit to all.