The staff spotlight page is a way for us to celebrate each other. Do you have a colleague who goes above and beyond? Do you have a coworker who deserves some extra recognition? Show them some appreciation by nominating them to be in the spotlight. Not only will the staff you nominate receive a handwritten note of appreciation from our Superintendent, Dr. Smith, we'll also post your nominations right here on our staff spotlight page. 


Jaime Johnson | Teacher | Monroe High School

JJ coordinated with our leadership students to create an amazing staff appreciation week that will not soon be forgotten. She often is involved when it's her time to sit back and be recognized and those events wouldn't happen without her!

Los Juan Hernandez | Security Specialist | Monroe High School

Los has taken it upon himself to ensure that one of our students with limited English gets a personal check-in and a bell schedule on days when our schedule changes. This student gets nervous and Los recognized that and is meeting a very specific need in an intentional manner.

Angela Heit | Teacher | Maltby Elementary

Angela has worked with a student that over the past few years has been unable to speak to adults or to other children that are not familiar. She is kind and accommodating with this child and it paid off in a big way this month, as the child did the morning radio show.

Tjelle Johnson | Teacher | Maltby Elementary

Tjelle is always willing to help our group with the monthly newsletter. She is a wonderful writer that instinctively knows how to phrase subjects clearly and with a positive slant. She's a "go team" collaborator and her enthusiasm is contagious.

Susan Creager | ParaEd | Monroe High School

Sue is fantastic with communication! She works with our credit retrieval students and any time I have a question about a student, I can expect a response (or multiple) the same day!

Polly Muller | Teacher | Maltby Elementary

Polly has been an invaluable resource for the Montessori team at Maltby. She has a deep understanding of mathematics and uses the materials in creative ways to meet each child's learning style.

Becky Urstad | ParaEd | Maltby Elementary

Becky has been essential in keeping kids safe and healthy at MBE for 14 years!! She is an ASSET to MBE as she has stepped into many roles year, including filling in for front desk when we have a staff absence.

Alison Branz | Teacher | Monroe High School

Alison Branz is all about putting students first! Her ability to connect with students and bring out the best in them is amazing! Even as a new teacher, she has many ways of contributing to the school, making MHS a better place for all students!