The staff spotlight page is a way for us to celebrate each other. Do you have a colleague who goes above and beyond? Do you have a coworker who deserves some extra recognition? Show them some appreciation by nominating them to be in the spotlight. Not only will the staff you nominate receive a handwritten note of appreciation from our Superintendent, Dr. Smith, we'll also post your nominations right here on our staff spotlight page. 


John Mannix | Assistant Superintendent of Operations | District Office

The past couple of months when issues/concerns have arisen that needed to be discussed or solved, John has been extremely responsive and a great partner for us, at HRM, to ensure that progress is made. John's support and leadership have shone through and his commitment to finding solutions that allow us to continue to focus on what matters most is much appreciated!

Misty Berg | Teacher | Monroe High School

Misty has created a welcoming and inclusive classroom environment where even some of our most reluctant students feel at ease. She has recently supported disenfranchised students in a transition to an AP class where they are finding success and a desire to engage!

Keith Ingersoll | Library Specialist | Park Place Middle School

Using all his extraordinary creative techniques to engage reader's interest in every genre possible, he personally took on the huge challenge of reorganizing the Park Place Middle School library by genre to make it easier for students to find books that peak their interest.

Pat Mata | Human Resources Coordinator | District Office

Pat was so kind and helpful when I called HR! She helped clarify questions I had about who in HR was my coordinator and also helped me pass along paperwork to the appropriate person. I appreciated all her help and her cheerfulness!

Nancy Ostrom | Technical Support | Technology

Nancy was a huge help in doing a District wide inventory audit on technology. She is very dedicated to the process and leads by example for her fellow co-workers in her department.

Mike Birch | Supervisor | Transportation

Mike was incredibly supportive in ensuring that a new parent was able to return to school when she was ready, despite life circumstances that would traditionally be insurmountable barriers.

Anne Lowe | Teacher | Monroe High School

During our move drill Ms. Lowe did an excellent job talking to groups of students about how to exit campus from the greenhouse area. She was able to talk to many students and was very organized. I appreciate that she took the lead on this and wanted to make sure that students were aware of how to get off the campus safely.

Corrie Swalwell | Library Specialist | Chain Lake Elementary

I teach Digital Learning, a new class in the district that incorporates many hands-on STEM activities for students. These lessons can be complicated (especially for the teacher) in terms of prep and logistics. Corrie and I share a space in the library and she sees my lessons when I am at Chain Lake.

Donna Carroll | Teacher | Monroe High School

Donna is a constantly positive member of our staff. I can always count on her for a good laugh when needed (which is quite often in a comprehensive high school) and am grateful for her authenticity and consistency.