The staff spotlight page is a way for us to celebrate each other. Do you have a colleague who goes above and beyond? Do you have a coworker who deserves some extra recognition? Show them some appreciation by nominating them to be in the spotlight. Not only will the staff you nominate receive a handwritten note of appreciation from our Superintendent, Dr. Smith, we'll also post your nominations right here on our staff spotlight page. 


Jacob Bartness | Custodian | Facilities

Jacob has been the most attentive custodian. He is right there whether shoveling the snow, changing clocks after daylight savings, when a staff member needs help and so many other tasks. But his biggest contribution is when he sits and converses with kids in our lunchroom. It warmed my heart to see him care and listen to our students, students he does not even know since he is a sub. He is a HUGE asset to our district!

Carlos Elles | Hispanic Liaison | District wide

Carlos is one of the best things we have going for us here at HRM. His partnership, the bridges he's helping us build with our Latino community, his positivity, and his responsiveness make him a super valuable and critical part of our team.

Stephen Loewen | Teacher | Monroe High School

Stephen is working with one of the most difficult PBS students in his Intro to Drama class. He has created a classroom environment that is safe and support of the student and another.

Nathan Fox | Teacher | Monroe High School

Nate was instrumental in coordinating food for all the volunteers for the recent DECA regional conference held at MHS. It was great to see the cross-collaboration between CTE departments.

Earlene Atkins | Receptionist | District Office

I recently received a call from Earlene with concern about making sure important information about a student got to where it needed to be. I appreciate that she truly puts EVERY single MSD student first.

Kristen Kerr | Speech Therapist | District Office

We recently held our monthly emergency drill. Kirsten took the time to listen to the concerns of students on her caseload, work to help them feel comfortable and ask questions that she didn't have the answers for.

Austin Jacobsen | Teacher | Monroe High School

Last week one of our students had a harmful racist experience occur at MHS. Not only did Austin take immediate action in bringing the offending student to the office, he followed up the next day to ensure our student of color felt supported and safe.

Mary Reule | Teacher | Maltby Elementary

Mary has incredible insights and seeks out answers to make this school a positive place for kids, staff and the community. I appreciate her involvement and dedication to PAX and sharing her knowledge with staff at meetings.