What is Sky Valley Education Center?

Sky Valley Education Center (SVEC) is a public school that operates as an alternative school under WAC 392-121-182 Alternative Learning Experience Requirements. Consistent with the state constitution, the center is non-sectarian and enrolls current Washington home-schooled students and others committed to using the community as a key learning resource. As an alternative school, none of our programs are full-time in the traditional sense.

We are located at 351 Short Columbia Street, Monroe WA 98272 and you can reach our main office at 360-804-2700.

Do I have to live in the Monroe School District to attend?

No, but if you live outside the boundaries of the Monroe School District, an "Out of District Transfer" form is needed each year for each student. This is obtained from the family's home school district.

A Parent Partnership

Sky Valley Education Center works as a resource for the family to ensure a high quality learning experience for each child; consistent with the expectations of the student's family and the state's requirements.

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Part time Enrollment

Families are welcome to enroll part time, however, the minimum part time enrollment is 40%. It is still possible to enroll in 1 class and be 40% enrolled.  For more information about part time enrollment, call 360-804-2700

What else can Sky Valley offer my child?

our programs

How is Sky Valley Different?

  • All of our classes are multi-grade level. If a child is excelling in a subject, the parent can choose to put them into a higher level class. If the student is struggling, they can be enrolled into a lower level class. This is personalized education.
  • We are a non-graded school. There are no letter grades at Sky Valley. We are focused on success and excellence for all students.
  • We offer many parent workshops every year to support parents in educating their children.

Typically, once students reach 11th and 12th grade, over 70% choose to enroll in the Running Start or Sno-Isle Tech Skill Center programs. In Running Start, they attend local colleges and earn dual credits toward both high school and college graduation. Sno-Isle is a technical high school program that offers over 23 career/technical programs.

Sky Valley is committed to all students being career or college ready!


Parent and Community Involvement!

Parents, a key resource for student success, demonstrate their partnership by taking an active role in the operation of the school through Parent Advisory and volunteering. SVEC facilitates an exchange of information and resources for parents.

Students discover their learning style and demonstrate academic success in a wide variety of ways. Students continually expand their educational opportunities with the newest technology available.

The whole community is used as a classroom, utilizing an integrated curriculum with both on-site and off-site opportunities, traditional academics, life experiences, and cutting edge technology.

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