Distance Learning Options

What is Distance Learning?

...it’s NOT just screen time—in fact, you can engage in distance learning without any screen time at all at SVEC!

Distance Learning is learning that takes place outside of the traditional brick and mortar classroom. In our distance learning programs, parents can be involved in the design of their child’s education. Our distance learning options can include some online elements, but are not exclusively an online school or program. We offer a variety of learning models, including online, independent study, virtual supports and blended learning where parent keep students motivated for learning at home with the help of teachers designated to support them.

Is Distance Learning right for my student?

Do you want to provide a school setting at home that is a better fit for your family?  Are you interested in support for educating your child at home?  Do you need a more personalized path for your child’s educational success?  Do you look forward to working independently with your child, and want an educational partnership? Then distance learning is for you!

What type of Distance Learning programs are available for my child?

There are countless options for you to personalize your child’s learning, but here are a few examples of programs we offer:

  • Online Curriculum  - iReady, Raz Kids, Headsprout, Study.com, Khan Academy Math, Mystery Science K-5, Career Cruising, Microsoft IT Academy with certification course  - all available FREE of charge.
  • Independent Study using Printed  Materials - All subject areas, K-12, selected with you, your child, and a certified instructor.
  • Virtual Math Labs with a certified Math Instructor.
  • Virtual Reading Support with a highly qualified teacher, utilizing elements of Barton and All About Reading..
  • InteGREATed Academy - A complete curriculum package for your child in grade 1-6, designed to provide your student with engaging lessons. This class will provide your student with a weekly calendar of activities including daily workbook lessons, weekly project based activities, STEM, a weekly art lesson, and optional Zoom games and activities. Subjects covered are: Geography, Science, Spelling, Language Arts, STEM, and Art.  Just add one of our math curriculum options and you are on your way!
  • School 2 Go - Everything you need to provide K-8 instruction for your child in Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies, without any online content. Everything you need to provide core instruction at home, and support from a certified teacher– no “screen time” required!
  • BookShark- This is a literature based  K-8 curriculum for Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, and Science- all provided to families at no cost, complete with instructor guides and pacing.  Weekly one on one virtual check-ins with a certificated teacher. 
  • Study.com- Self-paced video course created by teachers and designed to help your student meet their educational goals.  Most video lessons are 10 min or less, so your student can get the information they need.  Use study.com to earn high school credit in English, Math, Social Studies, Science or Health at your own pace!  Most of the study.com courses that we offer at Sky Valley are designed to map to one year of grade-level academic learning.  

Why Distance Learning at Sky Valley?

We have the ability to tailor your student’s program/classes to meet your needs. Opportunity to take some site based, once or twice weekly classes from our catalog of over 300 unique course offerings. Opportunity for blended learning by combining online, independent study, parent-directed, and on campus classes, K-12. Parents can choose how much -  or how little - to enroll in the program. Choose just one class to do through Distance Learning, or all of your student's classes...it's up to you!  Applications and enrollment are accepted year-round.

For more information or to discuss your child's academic needs, please call our office at (360) 804-2700. Registration information can be found here.