Family Forest School

What Is Family Forest School?

Forest School is built around emergent, experiential, inquiry-based, play-based, and place-based learning. This form of education creates its foundation through trust, relationships, and freedom. Forest School takes place outdoors, and approaches learning by valuing the curiosity and competence of children as capable learners, focusing on social, emotional, physical, and academic development. Forest School is a time for valuing the natural work of children (play) and putting emphasis on the process as much as the outcome.

“Arriving to learning outcomes is not a recipe or equation with predetermined outcomes. Instead, it is like a hypothesis being tested by educators and students through experience, questioning, testing, exploring, making mistakes and then doing it all over again.”
Marlene Power, Executive Director, The Child and Nature Alliance of Canada

Forest School is family friendly, with many younger siblings tagging along and participating. The
curriculum is guided by the seasons, weather, and discoveries, with the primary educator collaborating
with the teacher to provide rich and varied activities and opportunities within our community or

Forest School is a good fit for families who are interested in taking on the joy and challenge of being
outside for two afternoons every week, and who are comfortable with following their child’s lead to
direct home learning rather than following prescribed curricula.

Our older students are developing the skills to lead them to success in our Environmental Science
School program which begins in 7th Grade.

What Students Learn

This outdoor only class counts as 3 SVEC classes and will cover:

  • Language Arts
  • Physical Education (PE)
  • Science
  • Social Studies

As a parent, you will be heavily involved in directing your child’s home learning in
these areas outside of school. Your teacher will be a resource and a guide, but there is
significant freedom to shape this learning experience to fit your family, values, and needs.


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